Drunked suggestions thread

Don’t expect anything to be taken too seriously, in all honesty we have a lot of custom content and the gm is also busy with his own works but they are just ideas and why not write the stuff here. But hey maybe you think you have good ideas when you drink because that’s how it works right? so here’s something to read maybe you can add more ideas. maybe something here would be a good idea to be used somewhere else who knows.

#Land of the lost
Large map tiered areas where exp goes down the higher tier you hunt but sxp goes up but drops are oriented towards some items depending on what tier you are hunting. this area should be fairly easily accessed like christmas land or sky castle. more oriented towards very strategic playing/party hunting. and also there is a thread on boss brainstorming right now so maybe this could lead up to a crazy hard boss instance. I see quite a few people want to have to party hunt somewhere

#Lost Mops
Tier 1 mops - warrior tankability, mage spells, ranged evasive
Tier 2 mops - warrior tankability + teleport, mage spells + debuff, ranged evasive + heal
Tier 3 mops - add social addression warrior tankability + teleport + proc, mage spells + debuffs + proc, ranged evasive + heal other mops + proc
tier 4/5 mops - poly aggro + social + above specifics strengthened
possibly a t1, t3 and t5 boss spawn and an instance to enter as a party to fight your way to the lost king on a timer

#Lost Items
possibly as a sort of tribute to forgotten island there could be an unsealing system. although others will disagree, it would be cool to see a few s80’s thrown out there with lesser scrolls to unseal them in lower tier areas and some king’s lost scroll to unseal the x grade things. unsealing scrolls and sealed items should obviously be rare and already unsealed items as drops very very rare.

Anyway just for fun throwing things out there.