Elemental Love Wand

Can you make these tradeable or at least among the same account? My alts are stockpiling these and they can’t use them because they are too weak to kill the mobs.

Find a secret spot and spawn them, then come with your main and clean them up.
They are non tradable to prevent a bug that allows the charges to be re-filled.

You can also trade wands with someone else if you prefer, where you spawn them for your friend with your alt, then they use their alt to spawn for you.

I found myself not playing much over the last few days. Wands drop so rarely, just didn’t feel the desire to grind 2 hours underground for 1 wand. Not sure what the drop rate it, but I got more from the dailies over a few minutes than hours hunting.

The drop rate on the wands is the same for the dailies as it is for regular hunting. Its a drop rate applied to all mobs. The drop rate was also increased with the last restart, so maybe thats why you didn’t notice that?

I haven’t notice many wands dropping either. 30 mins on a group hunt in 2f underground and we got 0 wands. Last year and 2 years ago could hunt and get 7-10 in 30 minutes. Even going to AOE in Thebes, I get skunked (2-3 wands max). 30 minutes is 1700-1800 monsters too. That shouldn’t happen.

from my observations the wands this year still drop a loooooooooot less often than last year. I feel lucky to pull out 2-3 wands in a whole hour of hunting. like Allison said, last year I remember pulling out 8-10 in the same time.

I’m pretty sure the rate is set to the same amount as last year as well. You’ll have increased chance to get a drop if you hunt packs of quick killing monsters over level 65.

Well, I just must be the unluckiest sob playing, cause, I don’t see rates being all that good. Guess I am just gonna grind sxp. I know it was better last couple of years. I still have some on my royal from last year that I haven’t used yet.