Elf bugged? or meant to be?

elf not going pink when they ebind/entangle is so annoying basically cant kill elfs if they just sit there and debuff u allday plz look into this fucking annoying ass bug and on top of that they have no delay in cast speed should at least have some kind of delay like fucking mages debuffs or was this meant to make elf op?

Elf debuffs do need to be looked into. They should have some sort of delay. I also think they should also cause them to flag (go pink). Also another stat other than dex is going to be added in to resist these debuffs.

cant wait for this implentmentation :slight_smile:

I don’t agree zaj… Elfs may have high dps in elf morph but already nerfed it in cdk which most everyone hunts with anyway. Also we have to use 2 different sets to hunt and defend ourselves with the way it is because if we dont have high mr we get froze and mobs drawn onto us to kill because they dont want to go red. And if we have our mr on then we cant bind because of the limited dex. And if they do want to go red and can freeze us they debuff and just vt like mad so what is the point of even playing an elf if certain people going to cry because bind work like it was designed to do and if its changed what chance does an elf really have?
Also if its going to be that way then why let people with x gear be able to attack people lower than 100? I mean cmon the people that are bitching are the ones in x gear.


I agree with mississippi I mean heck you already added it taking dex and con for resistance -. And while we are at it DK slow Para Sil don’t flag mages either.

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Saying that “bind is working how it was intended” has nothing to do with a custom server where people have 100+ of all stats do 3000 damage to mops and can get over 10,000hp. I just want to see things balanced for both mage & elf so there is less arguing on global! Everyone should get along!

Its the impossible age old problem with lineage though. Where 1 side gets balanced, the other becomes OP and visa versa.

I agree with Mississippi as well. Elves are at a great disadvantage in pvp, especially against mages or reapers. Elves basically have 2 debuff spells, at least earth elves, where any class that can learn lvl 7 + spells have at least 6. And just like shadomyr said, decay pot, slow, paralyze and silence do not flag the caster either. Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that it takes many tries to land elf spells on someone depending on their lvl and stats, I have yet to see mages/ reapers experience the same difficulty when casting their spells. Also, all ebind does is bind a player, no other spells can be cast after that, mops can not hurt that player nor any other factor can be added whereas para or freeze allows for spells to be cast after and mops to effect hp. Changing things the way that has been mentioned will just allow elves to get rapped and become worthless and unable to defend an ambush and flee if needed.

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And you know what the funniest part about this shit is that when I was in their pledge as an earth elf they thought it was all fine and dandy but since they are getting owned by it now they wanna do nothing by QQ

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Slay and paci are two biggest elf noobs. They do not even hunt or work hard to get their gears to lvl 30, of course they are weak as fuck. Elf can have high MR too I have to changed MR and damage sets during PVP all the time as well, at least it takes skill to take sets.

Use your fuckin brain for a bit please. U two lazy fucks expect to be strong by afk in town and shop?

LOl I dont hunt? I hunt all the time I wasnt given my gears and char I worked for them. and mine are leveled up dumbass I didnt have to use 2 fucking months of pvp being off to get my shit leveled my 3 different people. Want to talk shit do it on something that you can say you did yourself. Oh wait there is nothing.And BTW DUMBASS is wasn’t paci or I that said anything about changing gear it was mississippi so learn to read before talking out your ass crack.

Excuse me hilk, but I have worked on my own char from day one, I have not had help from others in lvling my char or any of my gear and I get my own gear on my own, I do not expect or get hand outs from any pledge I have ever been in. Everything I have I got on my own merit or by working with ppl and divided fairly. Also, read the rules for the boards," -Be kind to your fellow community members. - Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people." You want to trash Slay or myself, do it on global.

Let’s get back on track this isn’t some thread about bashing others and squabbling, take that shit to FYAD.

The fact of the matter is debuffs are the key to winning in pvp and as such I agree with the fact that any debuff that can land at such a high rate should be looked into (referring to elf debuffs) however at the same time MR is far to scarce on gear to be able to stand a chance (referring to mage debuffs). You shouldn’t expect to be debuff proof in your hunting gear however at the same time you shouldn’t expect to be completely fucked either.

As far as the other mentions here and there in the thread, elves are no less fucked than any other class when it comes to MR you currently either gear entirely for it or bite the dust. For the complaint of it flagging or not, make it flag the user because if the argument is it not flagging you your obviously the aggressor here and not simply defending yourself from an attacker.

And to finish this unnecessary and fruitless post of nothing more than my opinion I would just like to make a shout out to the other 4 classes besides mage and elf that are debuffless and fucked on all angles for as where the world is short on MR let all know what it is to have shit tons of DR on everything from your attacker gear to your mage gear.

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Not always the attacker though but at least 50% of the time. mages and reapers almost always hit you first with freeze and debuff you, if by chance freeze don’t work then binding there ass all day becomes my priority and fun. LOL.

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I think I’ve decided how I’m gonna balance the elf debuff land rates. Currently its only resistible by Dex and Level/Tier. This however is not fair because it means only high Dex attacker can resist it, so basically elves can resist each other and high level elves can land on everyone and not get landed on very easily. This is the equivalent of if MR was determined by Int rather than Wis.

So I’m going to work Strength into the resistance formula. This will mean that melee specific characters will be able to resist against the binds and such, however magic focused characters will still be very weak to it. Obviously since the other classes have some strength they will resist a bit more than they do now, so over all it should apply some balance to the Dex related spells, while still keeping them pretty effective and useful.

Thanks zaj,

Elf can probably cast 3 ebinds within a second so elf can still debuff like a boss with that crazy casting speed even the landing chance is lower. And there is no way to stop elf’s harass without going chaos since they wont become pink at all.

It is hard to balance everything so take your time and make it fair.

Really appreciated!!

I find it interesting that elf de-buffs are so promptly being re-evaluated when mage debuff’s and magic have all but ruined the servers balance and population.

If elf was so overpowered or imbalanced it would have been brought up LONG before now. Just as it happened with elf getting strong with bow damage (whcih was a fix to its unbelievably low damage and hit rate) the “problem” is not imbalance but finally (for those able to do what is being complained about) able to stand toe to toe with the mages insanely overpowered abilities.

On a server where an exclusive group has enough DR to take nearly no physical damage as well as enough MR to do the same with magic damage or chance to be de-buffed, I don’t see how an ability to do anything whatsoever is a “bug”.

+127 weapons (one that can aoe) along with ultra elixirs being farmed at the rate most players are able to get weak elixers (exclusively by one group of players) is more of a “bug” then elf ability (since it wont be acknowledged as an “exploit”)

Lets see some of the real issues addressed as what I have mentioned in this post is the tip of a very specific ice berg in a ocean seemingly full of them…

So let me get this straight. you want to know why a really badly unbalanced thing is being fixed…

Let me quote YOU specifically, “I’m landing earth bind every try and I’m not even wearing armor!”

I’m balancing this because it is something easy to quickly fix and it deserves to be fixed. Mage debuffs have been balanced over and over, as people get more int, it requires more balancing of them. To complain about something that is clearly bugged being fixed, is pretty much just complaining to complain.

Bows still have more damage than any other weapon type, especially when used by an elf. Elves still have the ability to debuff pretty well, this change doesn’t ruin the debuff by any means. The nerf on CDK for bows was so minimal that its hardly even noticeable, so really you need to just let it go, or at least wait and give it a chance to see if its still landing all right.

Too clerify what you are saying there.

I spent years refining my method of playing this server. Acquired the gear needed to “land e bind…without wearing armor”. Then proceeded to feel that I considered myself a bit (fairly) over powered.

By comparison there are mages that can simply equip with little to no effort and dirt any class with minimal time invested due to the unbelievable imbalance on the server when it comes to mr and magic damage.

That all being said, the ebind issues has been an issue for what…a month? Whereas the ability to 1 shot with magic or freeze decay pot and silence all in 1 shot has been achievable (again with minimal effort) since i started 4 years ago.

To conclude IF this were a “bug” t1 elves would have been exploiting long ago (primarily sparta alt chars for pvp specifically) but this is not the case. There are a few very dedicated players that have woked their asses off to combat the imbalance that mages bring to the server. Now that they have achieved it, this is being addressed IMMEDIATELY vs the LONGSTANDING issue that mages have caused the server due to issues not addressed.

Appreciate your response to my thread. As I am sure you can tell I am a bit put off by the issues being addressed, or rather the order in which they are being resolved. I feel that I have contributed a lot to the servers growth or at very least to the maintained population, and hope that my insight holds even a little weight. If that is not the case then so be it.

we dont agree on much but on this I agree with you 100%