Epic Fafurion has appeared!

As if Epic Valakas wasn’t a handful enough, Epic Fafurion has appearred! If you manage to tackle him you may be epically awarded! You may also be able to get the items needed to create other epic items!

New Epic Gear
Blessed Fafurion Scaled Cloak [X] - An epic version of the Fafurion Scaled Cloak that can gain 25% passive damage increase, 15% heal increase and a healing effect while underwater.

Fafurion’s Vision Ring [X] - This is an epic boss ring crafted from hunting Epic Fafurion or very rarely dropped. This ring is able to unlock an ability that warns you when someone invisible is within range. It also can unlock a 10% passive damage increase.

Helm of Waves [X] - This epic helmet can be crafted or rarely dropped by Epic Fafurion. This helm is able to unlock a passive damage increase of 10% as well as allowing you to breathe underwater without the use of eva’s blessings.

New Monsters
Epic Fafurion - The epic form of Fafurion that sometimes spawns in place of the original weaker Fafurion.

Epic Minion of Fafurion - The water bearing form of minion that spawns with Epic Fafurion. They Hammer you with slow debuffs making it hard to fight their master without clearing the way first.

Minion of Fafurion - This minion spawns with regular Fafurion and can also hamper your progress with slow debuffs! Bring lots of haste pots!

New Npc
Heine Knight Captain - This Captain is located just outside the tower that leads you to the Water Dragon. He is able to craft the new epic equipment from parts of the water dragon.

Other Changes
-oshop command has been disabled by request from many players who don’t like looking in two places for shops. You can still get to the old shop by teleporting to the market down from SKT if you are so inclined.

Valhalla (-shop) now allows bookmarking and random teleports

using -shop to teleport to Valhalla will now randomly teleport you somewhere in the town instead of the small shack in the upper corner. If you want to teleport to the old location you can bookmark and use b-tele. You can also random tele until you get to where you want to go.

Giftmaster’s Link has been made tradeable

Heals from Vampiric Touch/Chill Touch Reduced

Topaz Heal amounts are reduced by 1/3

Bug Fixes
A bug with buying items using the /shop command has been fixed allowing you to buy items as you used to be able to.

Summoned Underworld General will no longer have a sprite that is treated like an npc, removing the lips icon and allowing you to attack it without holding control

Faction Monsters removed from Dimensional Chests