Event Tokens Question

I recently just returned to L1.5 and i’m curious about the various event tokens. I was unable to find any patch notes explaining the stats on these tokens. Could someone either break them down for me or provide a link to where I can get this information?

You buy the token, then you buy the enchantment scrolls at the same shop to try to plus it by % or day. I think max is 25% and 31days for any of the tokens. You can only use 1 token at a time. If you need any help just let me know

Max is 25% and 31 days, but what does it start at and how do you know how much it’s at as you are enchanting it? Also curious what some of the tokens do like the Ultra Token. Some of them are self explanatory, but others aren’t.

ultra does all of them i believe. It tells you what %/days it is. I think it goes up by 5%, not sure about days.

Thank you for your help Armydude.