Event Tweaks and Hard Damage Resistance

What is Hard DR?
Tier monsters have a way to bypass damage reduction methods of all types, causing them to have a minimum amount of damage they must apply to their target. This can cause them to hit all players fairly equally, that is, if they have enough dr to resist the amount of damage that is preventable. This provides an opportunity to balance out the classes a bit more, without nerfing mages or other “should be soft” classes. Hard DR is this new system to do exactly that. It reduces the minimum damage that must be done for monsters with a tier greater than one. The amount reduced is different for each class.

Knights: 25% reduction
Dragon Knights: 20% reduction
Royals: 15% reduction
Dark Elves: 10% reduction
Elves: 5% reduction
Mage: 0% reduction
Illusionist: 0% reduction
Reapers: 0% reduction

To be clear this is a buff to the classes that get the reduction and there is no change for those that do not. There are no nerfs applied with these changes.

Event Changes
Easter Bunny Kings have 30 new spawns that respawn each hour on Talking Island

The drop rate of all fur types have been greatly increased

Broodlings have been removed from the spawns for Large Dragon Eggs

Spawn Rate of dragon gates was decreased though it was decreased too much. It will be increased a bit higher with next restart.