Event zone timer decreasing incorrectly

The event zone timer on my character decreases incorrectly.

  1. When I log in I see my character in SKT, but the event timer zone is decreasing.
  2. The timer doesn’t decrease correctly, i.e., in real time it was only 10 seconds passed, and the timer decreased 16 seconds.
  3. When I was hunting on sky castle map, the remaining timer is ~17mins (showing both on screen and on time remaining tab), after I killed one mob, all of sudden the timer reset to 0 and I got teleport back to -shop.

I guess that’s why I don’t see the timer resets in past two days. Since I was afk hanging my char for VC.


After I logged in and the event zone timer started tick, it continues ticking even when I log off the char.

It seems the bug #3 is also buff timer related. I found that I was running out of brave buff, i.e., the buff started blink, then I got teleported back to shop with event zone timer reset to 0, while I should have half hour remaining.

Am I the only one seeing this?

I’m looking into what is causing this issue.

Also I’m going to put in some tests to ensure it doesn’t tick when you’re outside of the map or offline.

I managed to finish the entire timer without being reset in halfway. And the ticking is faster than actual time, more than double but less than triple. After the event timer ticked an hour, the real time only passed ~25 minutes.

I can see that the timer is asynchronized with clock, as I did -self every 10 mins and I saw the timer reduced 6~7 mins instantly every time right after that. Especially in the last 5 mins remaining, I observed the seconds on remaining timer ticks faster than actual second ticking on the clock of my desktop.

I have been having the same type of problem almost every time I go to sky castle. It usually boots me out after 30 min and also sets my timer that you see when you log out to 0. I have also had it boot me after 20 min and I have had hallowed cave boot me after 5 min multiple times.

I’ll look into this again after the expo when I’ll have some more time. It WAS fixed, but apparently I broke it again >.<

Are we getting compensation in the meantime =P

No, there is no way for me to trace or log the amount of time that wouldn’t match with the time its kicking you out. The same method to count the time you’re in would be bugged in the same way. Your compensation actually is the fact that it is still giving you 1 hour (or even 20 minutes if it bugs) each day as the event for sky castle is over and the free time there each day should have ended in September.