Events Suggestion

I do not know if it is possible due to the client update several years ago, but it would be cool to revisit some of the older events, like with the Evil Soccer Ball and others. Just a thought, but would be fun to see those events many hadn’t experienced.

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And a Halloween Live Server Boss event! Ugly zenith queens running around all over!!! Ahhhhhh!!!


I’d be glad to do spawn events with these. The problem really is that most people consider the items given for them to be junk now and most people won’t care for it.

Just put end game valakas weapons on them then … maybe people would take it more seriously. Or maybe only 1 person will and kil 3x more then anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We get it… you are the biggest fool on the server. Enough is too much, let it go. Undermining Zajako isnt going to help anyone.