Experience Question

Kind of wondering how littlenublet said you can get to 10x exp and level a character to t3 REALLY quickly. I am kinda interested in getting to T3.

I know the following:

Princess Doll (2.5% each doll)
Potion of learning (50% exp bonus for 8 minutes)
Tier cream (not sure how much)
Happy buff (10%-30% bonus)

…what else? also, how does the math actually work? My goal in this game is only be T3. I might not have the patience to level further.

All the experience buffs stack multiplicatively

Happy buff 1 (10%)
Happy buff 2 (20%)
Happy buff 3 (50%)

Instead of being 10+20+50 = 80%

This becomes 1.1x1.2x1.5 = 1.98 or 98% boost for all 3 together

Works the same way for every exp buff in the game so it adds up exponentially quickly

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