Fafurion Weapon Event

The Legendary Fafurion Weapon Event has started! These are the weapons that the grand prize winner of the Spring/Summer donation event will get to choose from. See the donation event post for more details on that.

The event weapons are available from the event npc Ives in Valhalla (-shop command in game to go there). You can also obtain the Dragon Enchant Scrolls and Dragon LB Device to enhance and max out these weapons quickly and easily allowing you to truly test these weapons.

Event Period

  • From July 1st through August 31st

Event Details

  • Event versions of the Legendary Fafurion Weapons are obtainable from Ives in -shop

  • Event Weapons can be enchanted via Dragon Enchantment Scrolls (DES)

  • Event Weapons can be Limit Broken (which will allow their level to max at 40 instead of 30) by using Dragon LB Devices

  • DES apply to the currently equipped dragon weapon and have a chance to add +1 Level and/or +1 enchant or can fail and add nothing.

  • When event ends these dragon weapons will be greatly reduced and strength and no longer provide the dragon buff items until next event period, without the use of Fafurion Essence potions.

  • All weapons when equipped in “Event+” status (during the event or with Fafurion Essence Buff) will provide an item to cast Fafurion’s Blessing, which is a buff that adds 20% more damage output.

Item Details

Dragon Enchantment Scroll - This Item allows quickly leveling and enchanting the Dragon Event Weapons. This is the same as before with the previous events. No changes were made to the enchant or level up success rates. The only change to this item was the name, the icon and the ability to level up past 30 (to 40) if the weapon has been limit broken. Here are the details for those who have not got to do this event in the past:

  • Applies to currently equipped dragon event weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Soul Level to the equipped dragon event weapon
  • Has a chance to add +1 Enchantment Level to the equipped dragon event weapon
  • On fail it simply does nothing.
  • Max enchant level is +20
  • Max Soul Level is 30 (with no limit breaks applied), 40 if you have successfully limit broken the item to max level.

Dragon LB Device - This item has a chance to increase the limit break on your Dragon Event Weapons if they support it. As of this post, only the Fafurion Dragon Weapons have the additional 10 LB Levels. To be clear, this item does not increase the level, just the level cap. To level up past 30, you still have to either gain SXP or use a Dragon Enchant Scroll. Here are some more details:

  • The success rate is 25%
  • On success, it increases the level cap of your weapon by 1
  • The maximum number of successful Limit Breaks is 10, which allows your weapon to become level 40
  • Does NOT increase your item’s level, just the level cap!

Fafurion Weapon Details

Fafurion’s Fin Blade - This weapon has been around for a few years, but it was lacking compared to the newer dragon weapons. This had to change! This weapon has been remade from nearly the ground up, even completely redoing its old low grade proc making it into a much stronger level 40 proc. The existing non event version of this weapon has also been upgraded with these changes. The purpose of the original was preserved, to ensure the target was drenched in water slowing it down.


  • Lvl 20 - Fin Slash - A slashing ability that does Soul Damage and slows the target
  • Lvl 30 - Splash Back - An ability that causes soul damage while also stealing health to heal you with
  • Lvl 40 - Drench - Fin Blade’s Ultra Ability that does a large chunk of soul damage while debuffing the target with “Drench” debuff. This debuff causes a low damage burn that also slows the target every half second for its duration of 10 seconds.

Fafurion’s Scatterblaster - The first of it’s kind… A Lineage First Even… The Shotgun weapon! This weapon while technically is a crossbow, tends to act more like a shotgun dealing massive damage at mid ranges. The Shell type of magic arrows (meaning with no arrow equipped to the weapon) deals peak damage at 4.5 steps away and the damage goes down as you get further away from the hotspot. Anything closer than 2 steps and farther than 7 steps will still deal damage, but without any bonus damage.


  • Lvl 20 - Hydro Shell - This is a mid ranged shell dealing peak damage at 4.5 steps away. The Peak damage deals a bonus of 200%.
  • Lvl 30 - Scatter Shot - This proc is an aoe proc that will hit up to 5 targets nearby with full damage.
  • Lvl 40 - Tsunami Shell - This Ultra Ability is an upgraded shell. The peak damage deals a bonus of 300% and the base damage is increased from the Hydro Shell

Fafurion’s SS-XP 2000 - This weapon is modeled after the traditional Dragon Bow. It has the much loved Soul of Dragon Poly which will increase your damage the further away your target is.


  • Lvl 20 - XP System - XP in this case does not refer to experience, but instead Extra Pressure. This magic arrow is pretty standards as far as dragon arrows go.
  • Lvl 30 - Soul of Dragon - This ability morphs your character into a powerful archer morph that increases your damage the further away your target is.
  • Lvl 40 - CPS Upgrade - This Ultra Ability upgrades your magic arrow even further, increasing your damage with constant pressure!

Fafurion’s Waters of Mending - This staff doesn’t get standard abilities however it does get 2 spell items in addition to the Fafurion’s Blessing.


  • Lvl 0 - Gaia’s Flood - This is a massive AOE damage spell.
  • Lvl 0 - Mending Rains - This is a heal spell that heals 80% of you and your party’s health. It also is effected much less by the Underworld’s spell delays.
  • Lvl 40 - Cooling Waters - This Ultra Ability affects Mending Rains by adding the ability to cure the newer Burning type debuffs.

Fafurion’s CrestBreakers - These Blades are made to ride the waves flowing from their victims bodies. Just like surfing waves in the ocean, no two rides are the same with these blades. The procs set each other up so you can just enjoy the ride as you tear your opponents to shreds.


  • Lvl 20 - Point Break - This proc happens frequently and sets up the target for a Bottom Turn. It deals soul damage as well.
  • Lvl 30 - Bottom Turn - This proc when set up by Point Break will deal a lot more damage while also setting up the target for a closeout.
  • Lvl 40 - Closeout - This Ultra Ability does extremely large amounts of soul damage when set up with a point break and bottom turn. This ability also resets the surfing process at the beginning.

Fafurion’s Hydro Blade - This weapon is so in tune with the waters that with a swing of its blade, whirlwinds and vortexes of a powerful sort fly out surrounding it’s target.


  • Lvl 20 - Hydro Slash - Uses water to form an additional blade that strikes down large groups of enemies.
  • Lvl 30 - Maelstrom - This powerful vortex flies out from the sword swallowing its target and damanging those around it.
  • Lvl 40 - Typhoon - This Ultra Ability Sends whirlwinds in every direction striking multiple enemies or in random directions if not enough enemies are found. Up to 5 whirlwinds will chase their targets each time this ability procs.

Fafurion’s WaveAxe - This Axe is designed to protect it’s wielder with powerful bubles and shields. If that wasn’t enough it’s stats are also pretty high as well.


  • Lvl 20 - Bubble Shield - This ability will create a buff that gives you a shield of 5000 MaxHp for 5 minutes.
  • Lvl 30 - Hydro Shield - This ability will create a buff that gives you a shield of 1000 Resilience for 5 minutes.
  • Lvl 40 - Frozen Shield - This Ultra Ability creates a shield that will give your character 10,000 Protected Health Points after the PHP system has been implemented. PHP are health points that can only be reduced by Penetration damage.