Final Patch Notes for 2017

New Items

Doppelganger Doll - Doll focused on Magic and Dex. Available from Damita the Doll Collector in -shop

Ettin Doll - Doll Focused on Strength, Constitution and Damage Reduction. Available from Damita the Doll Collector in -shop

Lindvior Weapon Changes

  • Weapons give Lindvior Blessing Buff item instead of Lindvior’s Breath

  • Caster’s Spell Lightning Blast now correctly casts the spell

  • Cross bow now has +5 base critical added and +5 Magic Multiplier

Item Changes

  • Sparkling Brooch now is enchantable with X grade enchants

Other Changes

  • Secretions of Gore now are aggressive again so that they will be easier to kill

  • Gore should summon secretions less often

  • Giant, Mermaid and Spartoi dolls have been reduced in price

Hi Zaj,
The Caster’s Spell Lightning Blast doesn’t seem to work for me. Also when I put on the Lind Staff my jewelry is unworn.

Can you see what goes wrong?


Most of the time when I switch weapons it unequips my jewels… assumed it was same for everyone. It’s just mildly inconvenient

Its only gear that gives you a jewel slot. Dragon weapons and some sets give jewel slot bonus. It has to unequip jewels because it has to ensure you don’t have more jewels equipped than you should. It has no way of knowing which one to remove, so it removes all.

The lightning blast spell should work properly. It has been verified. Ensure your staff is level 30 as that is a requirement for the spell to work.