Fire vs Ice Chapter 1: The Infernal Invasion (Christmas 2023)

Fire vs Ice Chapter 1: Infernal Invasion

Event Lore:

In the heart of a frozen realm, where the snow never ceased and the night sky shimmered with auroras, there lay the domain of the Ice Queen, Freya. Her kingdom was a winter wonderland, a place of serene beauty and eternal cold. The Ice Queen, with her heart as pure as the driven snow, ruled with a gentle but firm hand. Every year, as Christmas approached, her subjects would gather around evergreen trees, decorating them with lights, garland, ornaments of red and yellow, finalizing it with a bright shiny start on top. These celebrations sparked joy throughout all the realms causing the snow, to spread along with the cheer and joy.

However, this year was different. As the first snowflakes of the season began to fall, a fiery rift tore open in the sky. From this blazing portal emerged Mephistopheles, a fire demon of legend, his eyes burning like coals and his presence radiating an unbearable heat. He had come to challenge the Ice Queen, seeking to expand his infernal domain into her icy realm and put an end to her influence across all realms.

As Mephistopheles descended upon the kingdom, the snow beneath his feet hissed and turned to steam. The trees around him caught fire, their branches crackling and popping in the intense heat. The Ice Queen, alerted by this intrusion, summoned her forces. Her warrior yetis, clad in armor gathered their weapons and began to fight back.

This is where you come in, gather the items to restore the festivities and place these festive trees throughout Aden!

Event Details:

A new map has arrived with 6 new bosses, this is the Frozen Realm. You can get there by clicking the Event Teleport link on the right side of the screen:


This will take you to the center of the battlefield, where you can head North to combat the weaker invading forces or South to fight the difficult defending forces. There are overlaps to the East and West as well where the mobs tend to mix.

Defeating the monsters here can drop materials to craft Festive Trees which when used spawn a tree that grants a powerful buff to those nearby. There are also several new items and new dolls that can be obtained by defeating the new bosses.

New Map: Frozen Realm

Frozen Realm Map

New Dolls:

Greater Doll: Lava Golem - This doll when summoned increases Critical Hit Damage by 35%. This has also been added as a drop to Apathos in Sky Gardens as well as the new event monster Heated Golem.

Greater Doll: Diamond Golem - This is yet another doll that provides a bonus to Penetration and Resilience. It increases both by 5% each and drops from the Glacial Golem in the event.

Greater Doll: Ice Queen - If SXP gains is your thing, but damage is too? Then Ice Queen is the way to go! Offering only slightly less sxp than the Greater Lich Doll (1.5% increase to SXP), but also bonuses to Penetration (5% increase to Penetration), it makes it an easy choice.

Additionally the demon doll will drop from 2 new bosses from this event.

New Items:

Jingle Bell Cookies - These new cookies will provide a buff that lasts 5 minutes. This buff increases soul shot and spirit shot damage by 50% and stacks with similar jewels.

Festive Tree - This item can be crafted by Santa’s Helper in Oren town (-warp 5). When used it will spawn a festive tree that will disappear after 10 minutes. Every 10 seconds this tree will provide a buff to everyone nearby that lasts for 60 seconds. This buff increases Penetration by 1000 and Resilience by 1000, so make sure to place it near where you’re hunting for maximum benefits!

Box of Festive Decorations - This box contains randomly materials for a festive tree or possibly a cookie (hopefully it isn’t stale!). You can trade gift coins for these with Ives in Valhalla (-shop)

Demonstone - Gives you the power to overcome powerful demons. Seems to disappear when a greater demon dies.

Maidenstone - Gives you the power to penetrate the Ice Queen’s shields. Seems to disappear when the presence of the Ice Queen fades.

Festive Tree Materials:
Bring these to Santa’s Helper in Oren to exchange them for a festive Tree! They drop from the event monsters.

Codex Items:
These items provide codex entries for the event monsters.

Additionally there’s a new rune you can acquire via the codex called “Bells of Holly” it is on the 2nd page of the codex rune shop (you can get to the 2nd page by clicking next at the bottom of the rune shop page).

Happy Holidays Everyone!