-fix teleport issue

Since the update which changed “-fix and random teleport spell” has caused all players on the screen to jump while the player who is casting or typing the command is still able to move unaffected. Many players in the game have been using this command and random teleport spell to exploit pvp and cause the other players on their screen not able to hit and or chase or even venz when they should be able to. I understand spells have their purpose and part of pvp is using whatever tactics are available to you however this is something that is a bug which is being exploited and not meant to function the way it is…

I’m aware of the issue with random teleporting. -fix does not cause this problem anymore. However -fix still doesn’t work as intended yet, this is something that is a work in progress.

I know this might not be the best solution right now, but is it possible to undo the change and return it to the way -fix was before until a fix can be done? Just a suggestion.

Fix -fix! As it stands now when hunting areas that have fast mops (IT8, Thebes Temple, Skaro, etc.) you cannot use -fix or r-tele to refresh screen to see all mops that are actually on the screen (typically invisible due to lag/bug). Every time you use either command under those conditions you get locked in place and cannot move, see any mops or do anything (escape, tele, etc.). This makes it very easy to die in those places. The only way out is force quit then restart. could you please put it back until this bug is taken care of?

When I restart it will be fixed. This is an old topic from almost a month ago as well.

This latest update for -fix and r-tele scroll doesn’t seem to fix the problem with bugged mops.

example: I’m in Skaro and mop behind wall gets bugged up/frozen or there are to many mop on screen and it becomes bugged up/frozen. I then type -fix or r-tele then the mops disappear…eventually they reappear, but only the mops that were there and NOT bugged up in the 1st place. The bugged up mops either vanish for ever or you have to search with your mouse on the screen for them. Especially annoying cuz in Skaro there are ranged mops. I’ve tried this 4-5 times now with both -fix and r-tele and it just doesn’t make the bugged up mops come back.

I’ve asked this on global 3 times now…why was r-tele ever changed in the 1st place? I’ve been playing this server off and on for 4 years and r-tele has been working the same way until this last batch of restarts. Why break something that isn’t broken? And if its because people are abusing it why not ban/punish them instead of the people that only were using it to fix broken mops.


I have to agree with Allison here… since the latest restart last night I feel -fix and rtele are at the worst they have yet been so far… I am also confused on why it was ever changed after working fine for so many years the only thing changing it has done is cause more issues for both the people playing and the one person who has to deal with the coding. Just like Allison stated if people were abusing it and or exploiting then they should be punished for that just as they should with any exploit or bug that they do exploit. Either way no matter how you set the -fix or rtele people are going to find a way to exploit it if they choose.

The reason fix had to be changed is because it was causing bugs where pink players could accidentally turn blue and if you killed one of these pink/blue characters you would go red. I’ve been optimizing and fixing this new -fix method over and over trying to get it right. Its getting very close to working perfectly, just needs a bit more optimization. Next restart I’ve optimized it even more reducing the packets sent by half. So just be patient with me while we get this stuff fixed and working right.

Thanks Zaj, I know you have been working hard on this.

The issue is not only with fast mobs. What you describes happens on ALL floors of IT, in IOP, and just about everywhere, even on Talking Island there are invisible mobs hitting. What monsters? Not sure, but they are slow, dwarves?

Can -fix and r-tele get fixed yet?

Or revert the r-tele back to how it was forever.

Or stop having mops tele.

Its annoying as FUCK!

I use r-tele mops don’t move. I use r-tele 3-4 times in a row and the mops that WERE moving = bugged.

If people are abusing something BAN them! R-tele was never broken. The pink/blue was bugged, not the r-tele.

I have basically given up ever using the r-tele and -fix now. The ONLY reason I do is during this event cuz every fuckin’ wand mop teleports and you can’t hit them or u run to hit them and they tele and tele and tele and tele and tele. At least during valentines event the r-tele worked so the mops would stop teleporting around.

It was never an issue with people abusing fix, it was actually a bug that was causing it to happen when people came on and off the screen while someone was pink. So banning people for doing something they can’t help is a really bad idea. The pink/blue issue was a bug, and it was not intentionally done. Not to mention the way it was before caused a lot of lag. I’m looking into new ways to adjust -fix to work similar to the way it did before without causing the bugs it used to cause.


This ever gonna get fixed? Or simply reverted back to the way r-tele and -fix were before. Maybe change it back until a permanent fix can be made. Still super annoying to have mops, especially ones that cast magic, vanish off your screen and follow you around. I actually have to ask people I see hunting to kill the “invisible” mops that are following me.

I agree with allison

two new attempts to fix this are in place for next restart