Fixes to the V4 client with today's restart

Here is the list of reported errors that have been fixed with today’s restart:

Event Instance Pass does not clear the new instance when you use it from your inventory, but it does when you use it via a codex

Account already exists bug happening after dying and clicking restart and exiting the game.

Custom AOE spells don’t work

Chain stunning from monsters most notably in valakas’ lair

Eye of ra ring can’t enchant new safe enchant of 3 applied

Links for npcs require you to scoot closer to the npc

Clan Chat Permissions not being given to normal members

Clan Storage Permissions not being given to members causing it to say you must have a title to store items to the clan warehouse.

Can’t Store Vitality coins to warehouse

Items in the inventory all look blessed if ID’d

A note about event instance pass bugs
I’ll be going through the list of event instance passes used since the previous restart and awarding V4 Release Party Passes to those who did have this new instance reset due to the bug with using the passes from your inventory. These will be delivered in the next day or two when time permits.

Other News
Innate Potions have been added to the npc Callidora located in -shop You can trade 1 GC for 5 Innate Healing or 5 Innate Mana potions. Innate potions can be dragged into the auto potion slots to automatically heal you when your hp or mp falls below 60%. This will also work if you are using the new auto combat feature, as well as in pvp combat.

Awesome job. Thanks for the fixes. The server functionality is almost back to normal.

Get well soon.

I can give permisions as a member of the clan?