Flip To Win Finale

This week is the last week for the mini game Flip To Win, to end it with a bang, I’m adding 1 Fafurion Weapon to the global inventory each day! See the image above to figure out which day your favorite weapon will be winnable!

Bonus GC Rate Changes

The gift coin rate for each dollar donated has been made dynamic now. You can increase the rate of giftcoins by donating larger amounts at once. You can always see how many giftcoins you’ll get for your donation via the Gift Coin Calculator. Here are the new rates at certain dollar amounts:

  • less than $500:        17 GC/dollar donated
  • $500 - $999:            20 GC/dollar donated
  • $1000 - $1999:        23 GC/dollar donated
  • $2000 - $2999:        27 GC/dollar donated
  • $3000 and above:   34 GC/dollar donated

Take advantage of these bonus gift coins to win that Fafurion Weapon you want!