Flip To Win Mini Game Released!


Flip To Win Mini Game Released!

This new mini game is the results of feedback from all previous mini games. The goal of this game is to flip over cards each that has an item prize on it. There are a few special things to know before you just start flipping over any old card though!

Drawing Cards

  • The first card you draw costs 1 giftcoin

  • Each time you draw a card, the cost increases by 1

  • The total number of cards for each board that can be drawn is 50. After that you must reset the board to draw any more.

  • Each card drawn before resetting also increase the chances of winning a more rare prize.

  • Each giftcoin spent flipping over a card also increments an additional bonus that carries on between resets. This means the more you play, the better your chances are to win!

Reseting your board

  • When you reset the board, it pulls 119 cards. All prizes you can win from flipping the cards will be of these 119 cards.

  • Reseting the board costs 10 giftcoins with no cards Flipped

  • Each card flipped reduces the reset cost by 2 giftcoins

  • After 5 cards are flipped there is no reset cost.

  • Each Reset pulls cards from specific rarities as follows:
    (The Rarity names are based on the card’s odds, not the item’s themselves)

    • 0 - 1 Legendary Card
    • 1 - 5 Very Rare Cards
    • 4 - 10 Rare Cards
    • 20 - 50 Uncommon Cards
    • The remaining cards are from the common pile until there are 119 cards drawn

Other Important Details

  • Waves of free plays will be sent out to online players on a regular basis, so get online!

  • Prizes won from flipping cards can be claimed from L1.5 : [Custom Private Lineage 1 Server]

  • If for some reason it says you don’t have any prizes on the claim page, when you know you won something, try another browser.

  • To transfer giftcoins to the new game to play, you must use the command -site deposit x (where x is the amount of giftcoins you want to deposit from your in game inventory)

  • You can also donate directly to the site currency system (where you can play right away with the gift coins) by selecting Site Currency as your receiving character on the donation calculator. More details on this here.