For any elf complaining about any other class

Not even maxed gear and can hit more than any other class

That is range dependant.

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So because you have to be far away makes it okay to so several times more damage than every other class? Don’t know if you realised but this is an mmo, all you need is 1 other guy to tank/kite lmao

No wonder people are able to kill Bunny Queen so fast

Let’s just all become elf then

Just letting you know, about killing bunny, I have solo’d it once and it took like 20mins+.

I know how folks, elves, are solo’ing Bunny Queen. It’s not that hard, just takes a while.

This is with the T5 Skill, you are doing a fraction of that damage once/if you get aggro. Making it almost useless without a team on bosses, and for pvp. Ive seen knight and mage hit very close to this at zero range. Sure a couple hits do high damage, once you take aggro thats the end of that.

Elf T5 skill is suicide against mage or knight.

Stay ahead of the bunny queen an she doesn’t spawn baby bunnies.

deathreaper complains and whines enough for the whole server, this is nothing different.

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My best dps isn’t even 1/11th of this as a knight

Like i said this is a team game, hence mmo. If you have 2 elves you can kite anything into oblivion. Mage and knight can hit nowhere close to this damage, need some screens to back your claim up there.

In the end it’s irrelevant, i’ve already proved this damage is due to one or multiple bugs so just enjoy this damage while it lasts

i didnt take screens of it just saw it when i was in town, nor do i have anything that will get that close either.

Lol elf can’t use Cdk like mages and knights and an we are not allow to use sb with that morph anymore soo yea it is pointless elf is not stronger then mages and knights and mr you can solo everything as mage :joy::joy::joy::joy: stop crying and just play the game

Because it doesn’t exist

Good one coming from one of the guys exploiting the bug

What bug lol? As far I know there is no bug he just didn’t know that poly could use sb I didn’t know an he didn’t say anything about not using sb on that poly soo stop crying for once

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Ok mate ok, plead ignorance. We’ll see what happens when it’s fixed

The entire server worth of mages was temporarily nerfed due to people QQing about one mage… elf does this much damage and all of the sudden it’s “just deal with it” when it’s wayyy more than that mages damage??

the problem is not everyone has a brain, but everyone has a tounge

lmao, u guys with lind earring are just mad that your little exploit has been discovered. plead ignorance its cool, once its fixed, GG and good luck. dont go and quit on us now lmao ``;

sparta #1

Yeah not everyone has a brain to figure out that the item that they are using is way overpowered and instantly makes you deal 2x dmg or higher. Either that or they do know and just don’t say anything and exploit it. Not sure what case you are trying to make here, the ones with the tongues are the ones who care about balance and actually getting shit fixed

You wouldn’t know shit if you stepped in it. Although I’m not elf or have Lind earring. If that’s all, good luck, find something else to complain about. You are infamous for it.