FundRaising Event #1 Aliens Vs Ninjas!

Fund Raising Event 1
This is the first of potentially many fund raiser events. Where you guys get to help fund the development of new content!

The cutoff for this event is this Saturday, October 8th. To unlock each tier it is required that the total donations this week meet or exceed the amount listed in the tier.

There are 3 tiers to this event, each is a dollar amount raised to fund development of new event content.

If all 3 tiers are met early, additional bonus tiers will be added!

#1 Epic Spawn Event (Amount: $1000)
Estimated Delivery Date (1-2 weeks based on voted date)
This amount will unlock a custom spawn event which will have the date voted for on Saturday/Sunday/Monday and the votes on the date will be tallied on Monday evening to decide when the spawn event will be. The spawn event will be approximately 1-3 hours depending on how fast you guys kill everything and how many people show up.
There will be at least a few Guaranteed Epic/Legendary drops! As well as hundreds of bosses of varying difficulties.

#2 Aliens Vs Ninjas Daily Instance (Amount: $2000)
Estimated Delivery Date: October 12th!
This will be a new daily event instance that will allow you to hunt both aliens and japanese warriors with some great items available as a drop. Possibly a new epic boss to hunt while doing so.

#3 Aliens Vs Ninjas Open Hunting Zone (Amount: $3000)
Estimated Delivery Date: October 18th!
This will unlock a new hunting zone that will not cost any time passes or gc to get to. Tons of new monsters, new ninja armor set (possibly up to 3 different ninja sets to upgrade the low tier to). Possibly new ninja or alien weapons. The levels/tiers of the monsters will vary based on the area you hunt in. Everything from low tier monsters for newer players to really challenging high tier monsters that will require a group effort to clear. This will also most likely unlock the mask equipment slot as well, giving you a completely new way to customize your character!

#Bonus Goal #1 New Mask Slot with 5 new masks (Amount: $3500)
Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
5 Level 1 Masks Released with Mask slot. Alien, Demon, Frankenstein, Reaper and Pumpkin King masks.

#Bonus Goal #2 Upgrades for Masks to level 2 mask of each (Amount: $4000)
Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
5 Level 2 Masks Released with Mask slot. Alien, Demon, Frankenstein, Reaper and Pumpkin King masks.

#Bonus Goal #3 Pumpkin Reward Chest for all (Amount: $4500)
Estimated Delivery Date: October 20th!
All characters Level 60 or higher will receive a Pumpkin Reward Chest containing some new event items on halloween Day.

Fall Donation Event
One last note. The fall donation event always starts September 1st even though it usually isn’t announced until the middle of October. I bring this up so that you know all donations for this fund-raising event will count toward the donation event even though it has not yet been announced.

I’ll Periodically announce the current amount funded in game, so stay tuned and good luck! I want to release this content, so with help from you guys I can spend the time needed to release this new stuff in a fun and non donation required way!

Teaser Images:
Ninja Equipment:
Alien Weapons:

All goals and bonus goals were met! Look forward to releasing these new events!

Can you throw up a live progress bar so players can see where the donation amount is at?

If I do this again in the future, yes, currently we are at around 80% of the first goal :slight_smile:

For the #3 bonus you say level 60 or higher. Would that include anyone beyond T1 that is not 60? (Like Tier5 level 50 for example?)

Yes, all T2+ would still be considered as above 60.

Zaj, any way to make the Ninja place available through the Giran Vit NPC? I mean if folks donated to help get this instance and other things but do not have Codex or Pages, they don’t have access to it. If the Vit NPC has an item for access using Vit Coins, I didn’t see it.