Fusing Warr/Magi cloaks via quest

Would be neat to be able to fuse the existing warrior/magi quests with existing cloaks to create more powerful versions of older cloaks, mixed with Warr/Magi stats. Fav this !


What ya have in mind? Crafting elemental cloak + warrior/magi? Or b-comr to offset some of that -mr.

Since +% damage items are becoming more common, it would be nice to offset some of the -stats from the old cloaks. Fused cloaks would still be far less powerful than say, Cloak of Flames, but less stat penalties, + a bonus from whatever cloak you craft with. Maybe a difficult quest with a chance of failure like Einhasad’s box? Not that you would lose the base cloak you’re trying to add magi/warr to, but you would lose the magi/warr and the quest items you farmed? Would also keep balance, and bring up some toi farming again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe adding warr to vamp cloak, or magi to faf?