Game Screen Resolution

Well basically i cannot get to run the game in a good resolution for my screen (currently 1400x900), the window of the game is so big that is unplayable, ive tryed with many diferent resolutions, nothing seems to work.

This is how my game looks, if anyone could help me out with this

idk if this will help you out but for me … I had to go into my NVIDA control panel and in Display -> Change Resolution -> then select a resolution under the PC heading … I had been running in a resolution nder the Ultra HD/HD/SD heading and was having all sort of trouble like what I see in your ss.

Hope that helps you !


i dont know how to look that up on my R9 200 series x.x

If you can get into the game, past the character select screen, press alt + f2 to cycle the windowed mode resolution. You can also do alt+enter to go full screen.

i dont know how i get past the character creation lol, but it worked, thanks man

No problem, glad to help!

I got the same trouble as xElianx, and I’ve tried the solution you gave but it didn’t work.

Does it have another solution?