GC Smart Guide [2018 Guide Contest]

GC Smart Guide (best ways to use GC to speed up your rise to powah!) [2018]

  • Lv 1 Personal EXP event runes
  • Lv 1 Personal SXP event runes
  • 15 pc of Personal event upgrade runes , you would only need to buy this once because this is not a consumable item, you would just need to buy another lv 1 exp event runes to upgrade it to MAX again when expired.
  • Codex of Time best thing you can spent your GC with, this is very important as this item would give you great convenient and options to choose difficulties
  • If you able to afford GC purchase, you will receive a bunch of Pandora passes, open two browsers at the same time to spent them all quick. Then try to upgrade Ancient Topaz to lv 3 and Ancient Opal lv 2 as these will help you level up quick to T5.
  • If you happened to purchase GC, you can use Happy buff package to boost your EXP when you ready to play for at least an hour.

Try to get these items from AH first before buying them in game.

  • Dolls – I would recommend crafting a power doll princess plus two regular princess doll to start.
  • Potion of Learning
  • No grade pumpkin sword - you can use this weapon at any level that can help you level up good enough until T5.
  • Current Tier ease cream will last one hour to reduce your current Tier exp penalty , use a few until it says your currently tier are insanely easier, this will require less exp to level up at your current tier.
  • Zelin The Holy Blade, RomuReme Twin Daggers or Sudarshana Chakras depending on your char is good to begin your T0-T5 journey because you can craft an advance weapon once you level it up to 30.
  • Zajako’s Epic gear , same as above, you will need to level them up to 30 before you can craft Zajako’s Legendary gear.
  • A few Blizzard and firestorm spell book.


  • Do not buy out dated gear from AH, late game gear are normally not available on AH, if you are doing T1-T5 in a quick way, a good weapon is basically all you need.

  • If you are willing to spent GC to spam instances, then only do Hardin’s Lab in Normal, all other instances are not efficient enough because maps are too big, they all giving same scale of EXP and you are wasting your potion of learning and time.

  • Underworld Instance – Asura Prison Chamber is the best way to upgrade your Highdensity WATER stone , normal mode takes 1 minute is the most efficient way to level it up, save you time but more expensive , Hard mode takes about 6 minutes to kills for new players, Extreme takes about 12 minutes to kill but it’s the most economy way.

  • Few useful items will be discounted at your clan store, 1GC = 2 Player Contribution points. For example, Wedding Invitation cost you 8GC to reset instance, on your clan store will only cost 1GC ,you can only choose normal mode with that but this is really good for new player,because its too risky for new player to challenge hard mode anyway, if you spent GC on clan store you also get clan skill points for it so its a really great deal. “Event” Instances ticket from clan store only cost 20GC to reset all of it instead of 50GC+. Summon Damage Dummy Lv1 and Ancient Glass Eye are 20% off, Halloween Magic Scroll and Nightmare Magic Scroll are half price than the shop.


you only need 5 to max a rune.

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