Getting ready to come back to the server

I’m getting ready to start playing again and I really need to get some currency. I’ve got a Zaj Helm up on the AH for 550gc, but will take other offers. Just trying to have a little money coming back in, so if you’;re interested please message here or PM m with offer.
Thanks much

~Herpderp lvl 82 T1-Reaper

Welcome back a lot has changed recently :smiley:

Yeah I’ve been keeping up with news on the website every few days or so. I’m staying in a hotel so it’s gonna take like 8 hours to download the client, lol.

Just a heads up the zaj helm has been going for around 500-700 GC lately. Welcome back :slight_smile:

Okay, yeah I just checked the AH and people had them up for over 2k. So I just lowered it a bunch.

also, not sure if its available but when downloading the new client, try the mirror site for downloading. It downloaded 10x faster for me… just a thought to speed things up for you. Good luck see you in game