Griefing in town

Kimpossible tamed a bunch of pink lizards from warp 8 and tried to kill all of the afk people in skt. He started killing them when they started hitting his own pledge member. I took pictures of his griefing, but it won’t let me upload them. Are we allowed to grief town like that?

This is why we hate sparta.

I am very glad to read this, for several reasons. One, it serves as warning to all never to go afk outside -shop. Two, I am pleased to see the old school term “grieving” (albeit misspelled) and by extension “grief player”. Speaking of terminology, “QQ” is not crying but shorthand for "quick quit’. What is a grief player? Several examples: the one mentioned on mdk2all’s post, Mirrormask, Skeleton, much of Sparta. There were more, but they have, thanks to an anti-sociopathetic god, left.

Who says we left? Pretty sure I have seen both myself and Skeleton on within the last 24 hours.

While griefing like this is frowned upon and not something I condone or support. I simply don’t have the time to enforce something like this. That is why there is -shop, a place where you are 100% safe from harm. If griefing was happening that caused characters to die, then there would be punishment.

As far as image uploads not working, did you try dragging your screenshots to the message window?

No, I tried the upload button. I just tried dragging and got the same error message: “Sorry, new users can not upload images”.

I just fixed a setting for this, you should be able to upload images now.

An understanding of the structure of the English sentence would have answered your question.