Guide Contest Winners for February 2015

I’ve gone through and watched/read all of the guides and picked the winners. It wasn’t an easy decision, as a lot of work was put into these guides, but none the less winners had to be chosen! Also because these guides were all so well done, I decided to give a consolation prize to everyone who submitted a guide for the contest as well!

First Place (4500GC): Frosty with the following guides;

Second Place (3600GC): ThePapi with several video guides in the topic below;

Third Place (2700GC): UMF with the following guides;

Special Thanks also to the following for their contest submissions: (and a 750GC consolation prize)


Way to go Frosty! and to all others! :smiley:

woooooooooot 750 gc thx zaj i will use those gc well =)