Halloween candies/bars

Can we be able to store these Halloween candies/bars even just to account so an alt character can keep them or in dwarf or just plain old trade them? It’s like 15-20 items that right now are basically just taking up inventory space on main characters.

If not, I’m gonna just end up deleting it all.


With restart they are both delete-able and trade-able.


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Where do you 15-20 slots, isn’t there only 4 types of candies and 4 bars. Maybe, my math is off but that’s only 8 I think.

Allison, there are only 2 brown candy bars, Chocolate and Caramel. If you have others that are brown, you might put them back down on the ground and wash your hands.


Oh my bad. 8 is still 800% more then 0, I don’t want them jamming my inventory either way. Thanks for the correction :expressionless:

Think this discussion can be closed and never reopened :blush: Math was never my strong point.

these candy bars Samtook?

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