Halloween Event 2017 Part 1

Nightmare Chamber Instance

New Gore Boss Added:

New Boss Equipment
Gore’s Aculeus - X (ChainSword)

Gore’s Animus - X (Jewel)

New Transmaterial Costume

Transmaterial Costume -2017 : Contains all pieces of the costume as well as some bonus items (2 Aden Hero’s Chest, 2 Random Jewelry Box, 10 Rough Transmat Ore)

Transmaterial Helmet

Transmaterial Breastplate

Transmaterial Boots

Transmaterial Hand Wrappings

Transmaterial Cloak - Acts as cloak of invisibility and adds 10% physical and magic damage

Event Changes

  • Halloween Spawn Events enabled for Nightmareland and Halloweenland.
  • Protection Weapon and Armor enchants added to all time spawned monsters for both event zones.
  • Ninja’s VS Aliens Tikal zone has had it’s spawns fixed

Other Changes

Valakas blessing buff from the valakas weapons now works for all valakas weapons instead of just the claw staff.

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Is the x grade jewel going to provide anything mite than 1 to each stat?

I heard from Kingnothing the jewel and weapon stats aren’t finalized yet.

Yeah, I’ll be adding more drops to the boss and updating those items with part 2.

Also yes, the first boss jewel is going to provide more than 1 to each stat.

So is it a bug or recent update that the event pumpkin (+) sword can be damaged by regular mops like Skaro Bandits? I have never seen them damage against mops that are not thick skinned.

Pumpkin always has, hyrulian doesn’t.

Or at least it did last year

neither of these things have been changed this year

OK. Just checking. Didn’t remember the p-sword was damageable with normal mops.