Halloween Event Released! New Samurai costume!

The good ole halloween event has been activated once more. Costume benefits are soaring and the floodgates that were holding the evils of halloween and nightmare lands have been released!

A new set of Costume items have also been released! They can be obtained for gift coins by talking to Ives in Valhalla (-shop)

The Samurai Set is made up of 5 new pieces that are boosted during the halloween season and from nightmare essence when the season is over. Here are the details of the set items:

Samurai Kabuto (Helmet)

Samurai Do (Chest)

Samurai Suneate (Boots)

Samurai Tekko (Gloves)

Samurai Kabuto (Belt)

There is a set bonus that has a lot of stats and health bonus as well as a Samurai Polymorph.

New Costume Weapon
Samurai Katana

New Costume Item
Samurai Costume 2016 - Contains each of the Samurai parts for the Samurai Set as well as a few extra goodies. It does not however contain the Samurai Katana.

Not sure if this is intended or a bug.

If you go to Halloween cave then spend your 10 minutes in it the next time I tried to go into the cave it altumatically kicked me out right after teleporting in.

Is there a “cool down” time between visits?

Each day, it has a similar system to the sky area. You can get items to refresh your time like sky has too.

Actually I just checked and its not in the shop anymore. I’ve added it to the instance manager which will update next restart. (Its 1 GC for 5 more minutes)