Halloween Event

Can anyone explain how I participate in this event, or even if I can, I’m only lvl 57 at the moment, and very new to server.

Well for starters you can ask people to help you out with some spare event items. Hyrulian Sword, pumpkin sword, bone set are all very strong during this event and will help you to be able to handle more difficult areas and for the higher level players they are very easy to obtain. I would help you out myself but right now where I’m at the wifi isn’t strong enough to play but in about 2 weeks I’ll be back home and can help you out. @Allison is a very good person to ask for help, knows damn near everything to know about this server and is a very very helpful person in the way of teaching new players. Hope this helps you out bud, good to see new people joining this excellent server. Cheers!

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Very cool of you! Thanks. But I still don’t understand how I participate? What I mean is where do I go, to find the event. Yes im that newb.

Only the first part of the event has been initiated so far. A new event daily instance was added and the spawns of event mops in Halloween Land and Nightmare Land have been increased to hourly. To access the new instance yo will either need a Codex of Time (available at NPC at upper corner of shop zone, near large head) or Pages of Time (can get through GC wheel as one of the prizes or buy from other players). Right now the instance is quite hard for newer players because the mops (Secretions) that the Boss spawn are much tougher than intended and will be fixed with the next restart. You have to kill all of the secretions before you can damage the boss. So every time they spawn you have to break away from the boss and go after them. If you try the instance, start in easy mode and then work your up in difficulty if you can.

Halloween Land is much easier to tackle than nightmare land. Each can be reached by teleporting using the corresponding travel scroll (can get from other players, they drop in respective areas) or magic scroll (can buy in clan shop). The bosses in Halloween Land are Pumpkin King (3 per spawn) and Lich (I believe 8 per spawn). Pumpkin King is much easier than Lich but you need to use crtl key to attack it. Lich has a strong area attack spell so you’ll need some DR & MR to help withstand the attack. The event gear combined with one of the bunny sets should be enough. Nightmare Land is much more difficult because the mops are higher tier (up to T10) but drops are much better. Both areas mops drop mats, including event gear, that you can use to upgrade pumpkins to get various items including Evil Pumpkin gear. You can also use the Rupees and Pumpkin coins that you get to by items from NPC at entrance to Halloween Land or at -warp 2 (SKT).

As far as part two of event, that’s anybodies guess right now. Zaj should be releasing it shortly.

Forgot to mention that pumpkin seeds (CDK morph) & giant pumpkin seeds (GM candy) drop in Halloween Land and are quite useful throughout the year.

Thanks for the info! You said you can buy a magic scroll to get to halloween land from a clan shop, does that mean i need to be in a guild to buy one, or can anyone access?

You can buy the ticket to Halloween land in warp 8 shop too.

There is a scroll tho that has unlimited uses in the clan store (I think) and probably somewhere in -shop npc.

Some of the ghosts there are tribal tho so you might get swarmed. But I think it’s relatively easy for newer peeps

Very cool, thanks. Awesome community, very helpful, glad I decided to play!

Yeah red ghosts an black are aggressive. Green can be attacked with no problems

Where bout are the bosses? A particular area or just roaming around?

The very each spawn period. When you get to the hunting area it gives you a clue where they are.

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