Halloween Harvest Event 2015!

The age old feud between the creatures of Nightmares and the Halloween lands has begun anew. The battle caused the buckets of candy that was ready for trick or treaters everywhere to get spilled across these lands! The fight also tore a rift in the vortex opening the chance for portals to appear taking you to a strange new land of Hallowed Caves as well. This location is sacred to both the Nightmare and Halloween Kingdoms thus you will find it unguarded. Inside though you’ll find harvest points a plenty!!

Event Details
Monster spawns have returned to both Halloween Land and Nightmare Land

New Gathering nodes have begun to spawn in Halloween Land, Nightmare Land and Hallowed Caves.

You can learn a gathering trade skill in -shop on the far left side. There are 3 gathering trade skills to choose from. More information on that below.

When gathering from a node in HL or NL there is a chance to open a portal to Hallowed Caves. Once inside you have a limit of 10 minutes each day to gather as fast as you can. You can extend this time via an item traded for GC with Ives.

The candy nodes can be gathered by any gathering trade skill. The rewards from them will be carried out in part 2, coming later this week.

The boss waves of both NL and HL spawn in waves in different locations. It will announce globally.

New Limited Edition Halloween Costume!
Rather than releasing the traditional new version of Loyalty Pumpkin items this year, we are starting a new tradition of costume items. The costume this year? Hailing from Destiny, the Guardian costume that lets you dress up as a Guardian even equipped with your own Ghost! For those who have never played Destiny, do not fear, you don’t have to get it, to enjoy it. This costume set is buffed by the halloween time essences and during non halloween event months you can use Nightmarish Essences to boost it. You can trade with Ives in -shop to get 4 of the 5 pieces, or you can trade with him to get the full costume instead as a bulk package. Without further ado, here are the pieces to this awesome set!

Guardian Cuirass+

Guardian Gloves+

Guardian Greaves+

Guardian Helm+

Guardian’s Ghost+

Guardian Costume 2015

Other New items
There are 4 new candy and 4 new candy bar items that will be explained in part 2 of the event later this week.

Zone Time Booster 5 MIN - Hallowed - This item adds 5 minutes of time to be allowed in the Hallowed Caves map. Extra time to harvest as many nodes as you can!

Trade Skills
You can now learn one of three trade skills in -shop. The purpose of this is to allow you to gather at new gathering nodes that are appearing. There are currently one node for each type of gathering skill and 4 candy gathering nodes that work for all types. If you are capable of gathering at a node, you can simply click on the node to pick up the items from the node or press F4 as if it were an item on the ground. In the future these nodes will become more in-depth and add TradeSkill exp, however these event nodes will not. The non candy nodes will specialize in giving low grade x mats , which should make crafting mid grade x mats much more doable, in turn making X grade armor crafting a reality.

More details will be posted about Trade Skills in a guide post.

Non Event Changes
Epic Valakas and Normal Valakas have their minion counts reduced by half

Epic Valakas Minions will cast their stun 1/3rd as often. This should mean way less often due to the cutting of minions by half as well.

Epic Minion of Valakas has it’s hp increased by a lot and its hp regen greatly reduced making it similar to Epic Minion of Fafurion in difficulty.

Epic Valakas has it’s hp increased by a lot and its hp regen greatly reduced and its tier level set to 5 making it similar to Epic Fafurion in difficulty.

Omega Juice should now correctly give the haste buff (fix for the brave buff to come)

Haunting Stalker’s regen is bonkers. I just faced a t6 one with event gears mixed w/ X grade dex gears w/ a lv 22 X grade bow + shots and its hp wouldn’t even go down… wtfff. and its not just t6 they all have crazy high regen.

do i need vala/fafurion gears to hunt nml this yr? it wasn’t like this last yr. i could melee stalkers w/ mage gears on and a pearl bow.

I’m gonna be fixing many of the monsters in nightmareland with the restart this weekend. It should be hard, but not nearly as hard as it is. Also there shouldn’t be any regen in the nightmare land when the change has been made.

Hey Zaj, do you realize the spawn mops in NL are the Christmas event ones?

Yeah, I’ve swapped them out with the next restart, as well as tweaking every single Nightmare Land monster making them all a bit easier to fight.

Stalkers are regenning WAY too much. I cannot keep up with even the weak tier ones, but can battle all other mops. Is this fix still waiting for restart? Didn’t know if the restart happened yet and they were still crazy to kill.

Yes sam the fix is still waiting for restart. I’ll be restarting most likely tomorrow to finish out the event.

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When this even will finish?
Just trying to get an idea how long i can still use the event boost

The event boost that adds + to gear lasts until the first week of December. After that you can still have the + boost but it requires using Nightmare Essence items to surround you with the Aura that is released during the halloween event.

Thank Zaj!! Any chance you can look into the mana steal issue in wedding instance? Unless it is meant to be like that.