Halloween Harvest Event Part2

Those candies you guys have been finding all over the ground now are able to be placed in your candy baskets!

Placing Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Carmel Candies into your candy baskets now has a chance to turn into a Candy Bar, Aden Hero’s Box, Jack-O-Lyte, Glowing Jack-O-Lantern or Evil Jack O Lantern.

It works very similar to the way the old candy system however with some new prize chances. The Jack-O-Lyte is a new item that can give you several different types of items, including any of the old halloween/haunting/pumpkin gears that are non loyalty gear.

Candy Bars are super braves with special polies attached to them. Strawberry Candybar will morph you into a Fire Deathknight, Chocolate morphs into Shadow DeathKnight, Banana morphs into Golden DeathKnight and Carmel morphs you into Lightning DeathKnight (not CLDK). The super brave effect lasts for 60 seconds as well.

Other Event Changes
Nightmare Land’s regular spawns were changed from the Christmas spawns from last year to the halloween ones and adjusted them to be much easier than they were.

All other Nightmare Land monsters have been tweaked to make them much easier.

The max tier that NL monsters could be has been reduced from 9 to 7.

The swing speed and walking speed of all NL monsters has been corrected so as to not bug out the monsters or make them lose their location on your screen.

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