Happy Halloween 2017 (Event Part 2)

New Hunting Zone: The Alien Mothership
Alien Mothership is a new hunting zone with easier monsters on the North and West portion and challenging monsters on the South and East portions.

It also has a new mechanic of Security Devices. Some of which were hacked to be on our side by failed experiments who were captured and used by the aliens.

Some of the towers will provide a buff that increases your physical damage by 3x for 60 seconds within being in range of them. However this comes at a cost. Every step you walk deals damage to you. Also melee swings and arrow shots will also damage you as well.

While other Towers will divide your damage by 3 for 60 seconds after being in range of them. You are able to destroy these towers and prevent them from hindering your progress as well.

The drops for the monsters here have been greatly increased, be sure to check them out!

How to get there?
You can find the alien crop circles in Tikal (which can be reached through a crack in time)
You can trade Gift Coins with Ives for an Alien Communicator Device which will teleport you to the Alien Mothership directly.

The only safe way to leave the alien mothership is via the npc named Morley located at the entrance in the North corner of the mothership. Alternatively you can also die and restart to town.

New Event System: The Alien Transmat Cube
This new system involves obtaining a stolen Alien Transmat Cube from Michelson who can be found wandering Valhalla (-shop).

How To Use the Transmat Cube
The Transmat Cube is used to turn transmat ores into other types of items. There are 2 ways to use the Transmat Cube.

1: Double click on the Transmat cube
        This has the chance to convert 3 Rough Transmat Ores into a higher Quality Ore

2: Double click a Transmat Ore and then click on the Transmat Cube
        This will take between 1 - 3 of the specific ore type based on the enchant level of your cube (See section How to Enchant Transmat Cube)











Enchanting Your Transmat Cube
Enchanting your Transmat Cube does 2 things. First, it increases the chance to get better items when you use transmat ore on your cube. Second, it reduces the number of transmate ores required to transmat from an Ore into an item.

At +15 the number of required Ore to transmat into an item goes from 3 to 2
At +20 the number of required Ore to transmat into an item goes from 2 to 1

Enchant difficulty for the Transmat Cube does not increase with enchant level. However if you fail an enchant it will go down an enchant level instead of going up.

Enchantments on the Transmat Cube are effected by Greater Shillen T-shirt’s boosting effect.

There are 2 different items for enchanting your transmat cube they are as follows:

Transmat Enhancement Fragment - has a small chance to increase the enchant level of your Transmat Cube when used on it.

Blessed Transmat Enhancement Fragment - has a larger chance to increase the enchant level of your Transmat Cube when used on it. Otherwise it is no different from the non blessed fragment.

Other Changes
Gore Boss and Secretions will now stay in sync with the client, meaning you don’t have to type -self to keep their location correct

De-leveling / Tiering / Reapering while having un-used stat points no longer requires you to level up again to use them

Tikal and Thebes Crack messages for -cot command are now correct for thebes and tikal

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If the transmat enhancement fragment has a “small” chance (presumeably below 50%) AND lose a level every time it failed, then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to get any where near +15. Unless the blessed version is over the 50% threshold and the only fragment that is realy meant to be used past +3 or so… mathematically speaking anyway.

Most scrolls and enchantment items in game seem to be around 30% or below. So it’ll take one hell of a lucky streak to get it enchanted.

I agree, seems silly to have both items fail.

But wait… greater fragment enchantments will become available next Halloween :laughing::laughing::laughing:

It’ll just be absurd to craft them, like crafting greater soul enchants are now.

This issue has already been fixed, greater chance to succeed and 50% to lose a level upon fail not 100%

There have been a few people to reach max level with them. It’s not as hard as you believe it is.

What is a Limit Break Devise?

For making your weapon higher then level 30

Ok, well I hope it can be done by players with out Shilen shirt.

All of the people that have done it that I know do not have shilen shirt lol. Basically no one has that shirt

Ok, 25 enchants in and transmat cube is at +3…not happening, at this rate will cost me thousands and thousands of gc…I give up.

wow, it really shouldn’t take that many :confused: The good news is, it still works without enchanting it though and you can farm the scrolls in the new hunting zone.