Happy Saint Patrick's Day! New Event Instance!

Event Details
To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year we have released a new event instance! The instance is called “Leprechaun Hunt” and takes you to the Leprechaun’s village where you can hunt them down for their keys! With their keys you can open the chests that spawn throughout the instance. If you travel a bit further into the instance you’ll find some giant jello shots that are partying.

How to play the instance
You can obtain a lucky clover from the vitality merchant or from the Event Master Ives in -shop, these clovers when double clicked take you into the instance, however it requires you to have at least one other person in your party. You are able to play it once each day with the daily refresh at 1AM EST reseting it for you.

How to play the instance more than once a day
If you have a codex of time you can simply click “Use Pass” next to the event group to use a Event Instance Pass or give Gift Coins to reset it without one. If you do not have a Codex of Time you can simply obtain an Event Instance Pass from the Instance Manager Yates in -shop and double click it in your inventory. This will also reset the instance for the previous event instances that no longer refresh daily.

New Items
Green Beer - This is like normal beer, except its green! Play Responsibly!

Lucky Clover - This item is used to enter the new instance without a codex.

Leprechaun’s Key - This allows you to open the chests in the new instance that are spawned throughout.

Magic Doll: Green Fire Egg - This item allows you to summon a Doll that gives you an incredible boost to luck!

New Npcs
Leprechaun - These little guys shoot acid spit from across the screen when you try to raid them in their village.

Jello Shot - These little guys shoot acid spit from across the screen when you try to raid them in their village. They have chances to drop the boss bloods from Imperial Tombs 4F

Pot of Gold - This chest has a range of items in it that have been stashed away by those greedy Leprechauns. Try your luck if you can manage to pry a key from one of them!

Green Fire Egg Doll - This doll when summoned adds a large amount of luck!

Other Changes
The Hidden bar now sells multiple forms of beer and liquor

The strippers in the hidden bar now show their true form

The Naked Enchanter is now able to be clicked to craft stuff

Wastelands zombies are no longer have the insane damage they normally have.