Happy Thanksgiving 2021 - Jewelry Upgrade Update, Over 100 New Items!

Happy Thanksgiving!

First and foremost I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, even if you are not in the USA and/or don’t celebrate this holiday, I hope your day is great and filled with things to be thankful for. I wanted to express how thankful I am for each and every one of you who has played L1.5 and allowed me to continue working on this game for over 12 years. You guys are the best!

Jewelry System Overhaul

The jewelry system has been long overdue for a major overhaul and modernization. Many people have struggled to update their gems to level 5 over the years and the experience has been mixed, but ultimately rewarding. I tried very hard to take great care to not make these changes take away from that and most of the 20 wave 1 and 2 jewels were not weakened for levels 1 - 5. it has also been made much easier to upgrade gems to these levels now that the cap has expanded to level 10.

In addition to adding levels 6-10 for all wave 1 and wave 2 jewels I’ve made the system much simpler for wave 2 jewels. No longer will fragments have to litter your inventory and make things messy and difficult as these jewels are now both able to be obtained and updated through the same methods as wave 2 jewels. Vitality will no longer fill your inventory with these items as well. These jewel fragments will be phased out entirely in the future too. An npc will convert these fragments into gem dust with a coming update.

To upgrade a jewel to level 6 and above it requires Modern Gem Dust obtained by using solvent on level 5 gems as well as a few other ways like Pandora’s Mini Game and the coming Heroes of the Forest Mini Game.

More specific details on all of these changes are found below in the patch notes.

New Items

[floatl][/floatl] Modern Gem Dust - This dust is created by using potent and normal jewelry solvent on level 5-10 jewels. It can also be obtained via vitality rewards (being logged into the game each hour) and playing pandora’s mini game. Other mini games can also reward this item. It is used to upgrade a gem from level 5 to level 6 - 10.

Ancient Ruby Levels 6-10:

Ancient Sapphire Levels 6-10:

Ancient Topaz Levels 6-10:

Ancient Opal Levels 6-10:

Ancient Obsidian Levels 6-10:

Ancient Diamond Levels 6-10:

Ancient Emerald Levels 6-10:

Ancient Aquamarine Levels 6-10:

Ancient Pearl Levels 6-10:

Ancient Garnet Levels 6-10:

Ancient Onyx Levels 6-10:

Ancient Amethyst Levels 6-10:

Ancient Cat’s Eye Levels 6-10:

Ancient Sphalerite Levels 6-10:

Ancient Vital Stone Levels 6-10:

Ancient Tanzanite Levels 6-10:

Ancient Green Kyanite Levels 6-10:

Ancient Apatite Levels 6-10:

Ancient Vanadinite Levels 6-10:

Ancient Red Jasper Levels 6-10:

Jewelry Upgrade Changes

  • Wave 2 jewels have been added to pandora’s upgrade menu allowing them to be updated with ancient and modern dusts rather than using the fragment system found in sky castle
  • Jewels can now be updated to level 10 (previously was maxed out at level 5)
  • All upgrades for levels 1 - 5 have been made much easier than before
  • Solvents used on Jewels level 5-10 give random amounts of ancient and modern gem dust for use in upgrading the jewels.
  • Ancient Gem Dust has an updated icon
  • Jewelry Solvent has an updated icon
  • Potent Jewelry Solvent has an updated icon

Changes to Jewel Passive Abilities

  • Tanzanite has been repurposed to boost Resilience by % amounts
  • Vanadinite has been repurposed to boost Penetration by % amounts
  • Emerald’s stats were boosted for levels 1-3
  • Opal’s levels have been rebalanced to make it expandable to level 10 and still be applicable.
  • Pearl no longer decreases debuff chance as another jewel has this purpose. Levels rebalanced to suit this change.
  • Obsidian stats have been rebalanced to support growth to level 10
  • Garnet’s level 5 was rebalanced to support growth to level 10
  • A bug was fixed with Amethyst and its stats were rebalanced to support growth to level 10
  • Cat’s Eye’s luck boost has been rebalanced to support growth to level 10
  • Cat’s Eye Adena boost at level 5 was rebalanced to support growth to level 10
  • Sphalerite has had its INT boost adjusted for level 4 and level 5 to support growth to level 10
  • Vital Stone’s vitality boosts have been adjusted to support growth to level 10
  • Green Kyanite has had its DEX boost adjusted for level 4 and level 5 to support growth to level 10
  • Apatite has had its STR boost adjusted for level 4 and level 5 to support growth to level 10

Vitality Changes

  • Jewel Fragments no longer are given out in the vitality prize pool
  • Ancient Gem Dust added to Vitality Rewards
  • Modern Gem Dust added to Vitality Rewards
  • Other Vitality Rewards were optimized to reduce inventory spam

Website Changes

  • Soul levels for soul equipment now show an optimized view that is a bit cleaner and easier to read
  • A totals row is also added for soul levels so you no longer have to add them up to see the level 50 stats
  • Pandora’s Jewelry MiniGame has had an inventory update adding wave 2 jewels, modern gem dust and potent solvent
  • All Wave 1 and Wave 2 jewels have their passive abilities showing in the library now

Other Changes

  • The auto attack system has been reverted to use the old method so you no longer need to type “-autoattack”, doing so will actually switch it back to the new system, so don’t do it unless you prefer that attack type. Restarting the game client will also revert it back to the default as it doesn’t save the preference between plays.
  • Heart Wheel mini game in My L1.5 has been disabled
  • Fixed a bug with MMA Gloves and MMA Shorts that may have prevented their boost from working in certain situations
  • “-bosscheck” will now display a message if no bosses are found
  • Fixed a bug with private messages in My L1.5 in certain situations not being shown
  • Many fencer skills are now in the game and working
  • Fixed a bug to allow fencers equip weapons and armors
  • Many buffs added to the list of ones saved on logout
  • “-poly” command is fixed and allows polymorph without a scroll
  • Summon spell was fixed
  • Bug with curing burn charges fixed

New Deep Dive on Damage posted

PvE damage deepdive was posted, you can read the flow of how damage is calculated by clicking [here](http://boards.l15server.com/t/damage-deep-dive-1-pve-physical-damage/1586).

I just fixed the passive text for Tanzanite and Amethyst in the site’s library.