Head of (insert name here)

Could you make a new item that is linked to each player and is infinite that is dropped in pvp to the winner? Say, for example, Capwne is killed by Korean, Korean gets the item. Lets say the items is called Head of Capwne. So when Capwne is killed, Korean gets Capwne’s head. Each time he dies a new one is dropped. If they were stackable, then when bragged it would be KOREAN ownes Head of Capwne (24). Would be a great way to keep track of kills and a fun addition to pvp.

This was something I was talking about in teamspeak a week ago, basically a rip off of diablo 2. The only reason I don’t care to do it is because there are enough items filling the already limited inventory/warehouse space.

Thats funny timing. Since you have been able to change images for items and such, any chance of changing the holding limit or implementing that purse idea? Or is that still an area thats harder to crack then the images?

the storage container thing would take a lot of work as it has to be bug free. Items being lost due to a storage container being deleted or issues like that would be hell to deal with.