Help For New Players

Guide for new players!!!

If you are totally new to this server, first off, you have to disregard just about everything you know about playing Lineage.

This is L1.5. It is totally customized by our GM Jazako.
It is kind of like other private server but a whole lot more.

First off, Zaj has created all kinds of custom gears, maps, events, etc. that will make all other private servers seem meek or obsolete.

Second, forget about all you learned playing L 1.0. This is L 1.5!!!
All gear here is customized and has various benefits depending on you character’s class.
Forget about weapons, armor, etc. you used in Lineage
Focus on custom gear!!!

Zaj created several grades of armor over the years
B grade (armor & weapons) are better than any Lineage gear that you are use to. At least on this serer.
Then it progresses to A, S , S80, X and ultimately (for the time being) to Horsemen (Death, War, Fear & Pestilence) or XR gear (basically X gear taken to the next level)
You should be focusing on these types of custom gears to get you through your tiers.
By tiers I mean you can progress beyond you primary character class.
Once you get to lvl 100, or higher, you can become a Reaper.
Which has multifaceted abilities that combine the class you start with and special reaper skills.

You get to do this for 4 tiers (class/reaper for each level) until you go to tier 5
At this point you usually focus on your main class (knight, elf, mage etc. whatever you prefer) but also can create a sub class (any other type of character except your main class).

When you reach tier 5, T5 as we put it, you do quests (actually you do many quests along the way but too many to talk about) that will give your main character (and subclass if you choose to develop it) very strong powers. This is where you will excel!!!

You have to read these posts, view the guides, etc. on theses boars and Discord to get an idea of how you can get there at the pace you wish to travel.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing out there

Word to the wise, S80 and some X gear are relatively cheap right now and you may want to try to bypass all the other gears. I highly recommended going to higher gear since benefits are much more pronounced over A to S gear.

Something else that will really help you level.
Click on the scroll at the interface between your game display and your stats box (little yellow circle at the top left of chat). Select growth (purple text on the top right) then select floor 1 or one of the others. This allows your character to gain Exp while you are away, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE GAME!!
This will help you to level when you are not able to play. It works really great for first tier characters but slows down as you tier up. AND, you can do it on a daily basis, not only for you main char but also any other char on your account that you wish to level. Bottom line is, USE IT!!! It’s free leveling.

Also, if you are trying to level gear. Scroll down on the same tab. You will find SXP Growth Rooms.
You can use this to level your armor/weapon.
Tip: Usually one item at a time works best, but do it however you choose.
You can get 150 sxp (floor 1, 300 for floor 2) per 5 seconds. You can get 108000 exp points for a single piece of equipment, each day, whether you do 1 hour or ½ hour. Depends on how you choose to do it.

Good luck and please take advantage of all that I have mentioned.
Unfortunately, there is so much more to learn so you should keep an eye on Discord, these boards and the website. Especially Discord to find out what is new that can help you get to where you want to be.

And by the way, to connect to Discord, Look at the upper left of most screens on the L1.5 website and you will see just below Server Info, “Discord: l15server”. Click on that on join the fun.

Good luck and hope to see you out there.


Thank you for this post. I’m a new player here. I’m learning as I go. Question: How do I join a clan?

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You have to get to know people that are already part of a clan. If they have room then they will probably ask you to join. Or, you can post on global chat now and then that you are looking to join a clan.

Sorry that it tool so long to reply. Players do most of their posts on Discord these days. You probably should go to the website and click on the link under server info at the upper right hand corner of the screen. It should tell you how to connect to discord there.