Help please. anyone?

hi I’m just returning to the game. I downloaded all 3 different links and installed even tried to repair but I’m still getting these black circles and cant talk to some npc’s… anyone have any ideas why?

did you try the repair option in the server select screen?

can you show screen shot or text me what you mean by black circles and no talking to npcs?

Yes. I did repair 2 times. I still have same # but different phone. So don’t have your # Any more. But I will send u a letter or pm u when I get off this evening.

this shows files missing, black circles, and clan option instead of codex.

I assume you uninstalled, but there may have been some files in a previous install on computer? I have had that issue before, and I had to hunt down files and delete them all.

Ya. Uninstalled and reinstalled with all 3 options.
Gonna try 1 more time maybe tonite. If it doesn’t work ima prolly give up. :frowning:

Maybe like Sam suggested. Try find the Lineage folders and delete all of them after you uninstall the game?

Maybe @zajako has a few more suggestions

4th time is the charm. Lol. I’m good now.


If at first you don succeed try…try…try…try again

not really sure and not gonna keep doin this but just so its out there I download game. run set up. run eat file. log into game. I exit and try to relog and it says please reinstall. I have done this 5 time in 1 week. I really wanted to come back to game but I give up… :frowning:… gl and enjoy

not sure what that means but :+1:

If it says please reinstall it could be a corrupted file.
Also don’t run the eat file at all, there is no reason to do that.

Redownload the game using the zip file pack instead of the installer. That should fix your issue. Then just run Login.exe from that zip file.