Hey, HelloKitty (HK)

Hey HK, It is been a while. I hope all misunderstanding caused by SPARTA s Bullshits has been solved by Zajako.

Can you guys return our X gears? We really need them to kick Sparta s ass.

If you guys have questions, we can talk it out.


Hey retard, Sparta didnt start anything with this one, HK was the one that told US what was going on. And again, There is no proof you didnt steal anything to begin with.

please stop posting i dont want to prove u over and over again how retarded u are. what part of “i’ve already told them you gave back the stuff taken so it would change nothing” dont you get? i wanna know if hk is going to keep their words or not.

Exactly you gave back what was taken. So you did take it so you lost the bet just because you gave it back dont prove that you werent a thief just a thief that got caught

I will never stop posting because it is my right to post, that and it bugs the hell out of you so why should/ would I stop?
The retarded one is you Hilk. According to your ss, which very well could have been Photoshopped, says “you gave back the stuff” meaning it was taken to begin with. No where in any of the ss did it say you never took the gear without permission, stolen OR returned the original gear. It only says gear was returned. ALSO the ss says…

MEANING stuff WAS taken to begin with. But since you have the intelligence of a slug I’m not surprised I had to spell it all out for you.

On a side note, and just as Slay pointed out, YOU LOST THE BET!!! ROFL

LOLOLOL!!! Holy shit this post is hilarious!!! WTF!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh by the way hilk y you black out some of that??

The third ss is from pacifica. so ask her.

*rage on
pebbles u are nothing but a piece of shit period, the real theif is someone in your inner circle if there was one to start with. Find out the facts before you start labeling us “unscrupulous” instead of just spouting your mouth like a complete moron to that retarded little kid pacifica who does nothing but speak nonsense along with the rest of sparta about our friendship with hk. It makes you look so stupid. If police didnt have access to ltko we would of never lent u guys stuff at all. It was because of ltko n trish helping us out in the first place that we decided we should return the favor by letting people who had access to them borrow our gears. Itko or police didn’t even lend us much just the zstaff n list. List was given back right when zaj event started cuz whoever logged on ltko acct asked for it back and zstaff was given back a little after event started. its not even like they borrowed us a full zset and why would we need zset when we already had so many zets from 2013 zaj event? During the 2013 zaj event we got more than 4-6 full zaj sets and 3 zbows for our whole bp, so much so that we even gave that piece of turd slay almost a full zaj set n zbow and he ran off like a coward to sparta cuz bitch couldn’t handle the pressure. Any one who played last years zaj event can tell that capwne got so much zaj pieces it was ridiculous. And if u think we had access to all of hk accts your lying to yourself because not even ltko, trish, or police gave out their acct info to us. We only had access to 1 account and that was blackhearts because he capwne, sexybitch and chinks were old friends from Superheroes bp back in the days and he felt he could trust them with his acct. Therefore, we could not have changed ltko trish or any other hk accts’ besides his. Thus, all your doing is trying to frame/blame us for something we didn’t do zaj proved it. Thus it makes u truly a piece of shit of a person. It’s ok if HK doesnt return our full vala set, int glove/boot/armor and dex armor, because sooner or later karma will come back and bite them in the ass It just goes to show that lineage folks will always be lineage folks; greedy conniving piece of shits. We thought we met some nice folks in a small lineage community and would like to help each other out so gameplay could be more fun but in the end we were so wrong. Lastly i just wanna say ey pebbles…“FUCK YOU AND THE SHIT U CLAIM” lmao
*rage off

Pabble, you r not ganna say anything about your thief action? Fxxk you

Did Pebbles keep some of your vala gear?

Who is AncientElf? He is a new player. I guess he is already past tier 1 because he already finished hunting at Orc Forest.

It’s someone’s alt. They have full gears and tier’d up multiple times in like a month. Not sure who tho, you guess is as good as mine :wink:

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