Hidden blade better than Sharanga?

Just like the title but was wondering if the procs are worth it? Sharanga doesn’t have mana or life steal but hidden does. Do you need multiple X arrows or just 1 to use Sharanga?

I believe you need multiple x arrows. The sharanga might be better dmg end game with x arrows, hidden blade better over all for general purpose with the life/mana steal and it’s one handed allowing you to wear a shield.

I have a sharanga around lvl 25 and I quit leveling it LONG ago. It’s pretty shitty especially since it has no magic arrow, and X-grade arrows have been talked about for years and haven’t been put in game. But even then, do u really want buy X shots AND X arrows just to use the bow? X shots are expensive enough … That crap that looks like twigs in underground are supposed to craft arrows but meh, who knows.

I would not make sharanga

IMO Sharanga is a bow and has greater range than hidden blade. But sharanga is only good if you have an X arrow which you can only get from other player that have gotten if from the wheel or getting it from the wheel yourself.