How to enhance soul weapon/armor

How to enhance S80 gears? Can i use normal enhancement scrolls if there is safe enhancement limit, say 3. Some items have 0, but not sure how people enhance till +15 or more. How about rings and earrings? are they the same?

I was told you can use soul weapon enhancement scroll to enhance a soul weapon at lv20+. But if it fails you will lose SXP. But I’m not sure the difference between normal enhancement and blessed and greater scroll. Not sure if you can get better chance to use blessed one.
Not sure about armors tho

Only soul items can be enchanted with soul enchant scrolls. X-grade items are just called enchant weapon/armor protect weapon/armor and giant weapon/armor. (there is a very comprehensive post regarding x-grade items on forums) Which can be found here: X-Grade Enchant Guide

The chart I have attached gives you an idea of what happens at the different intervals of enchanting.

Soul Enchant Weapon/Armor give the item +1/+0/-1(fails).

Blessed Soul Enchant Weapon/Armor can do +0/+1/+2/+3/-1(fails).

Greater Soul Enchant Weapon/Armor can do +0/+1/-1(fails but no loss of enchant only SXP)

Now you have to understand that when a scroll fails regardless of type you lose SXP, that is based on the current level of enchant. When a scroll fails you can also lose an enchant, unless you are using Greater.

With all that said, enchanting a weapon/armor to around +10 - +15 is pretty sufficient. The penalties after that get almost to costly to even bother. It has been discussed at great lengths, by the playing community, to lessen these penalties but there hasn’t been any change to them in 2-3 years.

If the item is not a soul weapon/armor make sure to check the in game Item Guide to see what each item’s safe enchantment level is. You don’t wanna go blowing up something precious :smile:

Any other questions feel free to ask me in game if I’m on or post something here in forums.

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What would happen if you tried to enchant a level 0 soul weapon? Also is there any chance of a weapon blowing with a soul enchant?

Only level 20+ weapons/armors/items can be enchanted :slight_smile:

Do you know the enchantment chance in general and for different scrolls?

from my experience they fail/do nothing around 66% of the time. but a lot of it isl based on luck really. max out your luck and give it a go!

Been trying to work out how much better hidden blade is than zaj crossbow. I’ve came to around an estimate that,

zaj bow lvl 30 +0 = 1x
hidden blade lvl 30 + 0 = 2.5x
zaj bow lvl 30 +84 = 2.5x

So in theory zaj bow is better in the long run, yet how easy is it to get to +84 on an s80 weapon? I failed 10 times in a row on +13, but with a ton of luck gear/dolls is +84 doable? Or is it better to save all that sxp for getting armors to level 30?

HAHAHA! not even zaj could enchant a bow to 84 now. that’s not a good idea to try