How to get Doll coins

How can I get Doll coins in game?

Trade dolls in with the doll npc in Aden town. they are <----- of where you teleport in from when using the tele npc.

They are really only good for summoning power dolls now since all the dolls in -shop are VASTLY cheaper then what people sold them for.

How do you get the dolls to trade in for the doll coins? Don’t dolls cost doll coins?

Use your vitality coins at -warp 3 npc, npc is to the left immediately as you teleport in. Buy the 25 option and open a ton, you need 4 items, turtle, seal of victory, skeleton grail, and chef’s spices. After you get all 4, teleport to gludio and talk to the man there, he will give you a doll pouch per 4 items, it will give you a random doll. You can also get these items through the arena, or the funland (warp 8 shop item). You only need doll coins for power dolls and dummy damage tester.

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Another doll question: how do you level power dolls? Do you need to buy the book in -shop or do they level as you kill mobs?

People used to do “doll parties” since the doll book gives doll exp to all the power dolls out. Without using doll books, it’s a very long grind to get a doll to level 10. Just killing mobs gives your power doll exp.

Next doll question: how do you obtain skill dolls?

I do not think skill dolls were ever implemented

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correct, they were not

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