How to get higher tier?

Just like the title. Not sure how this works… What do you do to get to the next tier? Is there a benefit to tiering before reaper or do most just tore as a reaper?

In order to tier you need to be lvl 100 reaper. You cant skip reaper in order to tier. You also need to have a Pandora’s Box. This can be crafted with 3 keys: Wasteland, Island, Forest. Or you can buy one already crafted. Once you tier, you will become lvl 0 base class again. Repeat the process until tier 3 reaper. To become tier 4 you must use an Einhasad’s Box which is crafted from a Lower Fragment of Creation and an Upper Fragment of Creation. There is a chance that creating this box will fail. If you are creating either the Pandora’s Box or the Einhasad’s Box, you need to talk to the npc in SKT near the weapons shop named Lanora. Otherwise, just double click the box when you have it and you are tiered. Good luck.