How's this for hype?


oooo pretty pictures

looks promising and a good time for a fresh look.

Are you on this at the moment? 0_0

My internet was down for most of the day >.<

Anyways here is the link to the client to connect to the test server. Just extract and run Login.exe from within the folder.

The test server is subject to being restarted and shut down whenever i need to. Its also likely pretty buggy as i’m not even halfway through the packets that need editing.

Also there might be times where i ask everyone to log out so I can test some specific packets I need to see just my results.

Oh i forgot to mention send me a private message on the boards with your account name so i can fix your characters so they can connect to the test server.

This looks amazing, can’t wait to see this live :). How are you running it at the proper resolution? Mine’s stretched to hell on a 1080p monitor.

Mine is in a small box about 1/5 the size of my screen.

changes the size of the window is the best I can tell you, it rotates between 4 different sizes. Hope one of them is an improvement.

Thanks, strangely mine doesnt do anything. It runs fullscreen and alt+f2 has no effect =/.

try alt + enter it worked for me

Windows 8.1 alt-enter, alt-f2 do nothing.

This is killing my monitor setup

Any link on how to run lin1.5 in a window?


Google lineage window control.
No clue how it does with new client or windows 8 but blah blah blah GL.

It kept changing my screen to 16bit instead of 32bit color which screws everything up, I prob won’t get back on test until it’s running smooth.

Make a shortcut to login.exe and edit the properties to run as admin and not run in low color or resolutions

Tried that and it still plays as a small window on desktop. I am running Win 7 64-bit.

yes, just press ALT+Enter to enter full screen mode, or press ALT+F2 to make the window bigger