Hunting area for new player

I’m new to this server, still finding my way to get familiar with all the settings. Got helps from other player with full B grade armors/weapon, but still struggle to find right place to hunt/level.
I’m a lv65 Mage, spend a lot of time in fire valley. Now can solo swamp, but the instance offered low exp. tried ant cave which is too hard to survive, and almost get one hit by mobs in warp 8 or 10. Is there any suggestions please? BTW, where can I get blizzard?

The first tier is pretty much about grinding if you don’t plan to donate a lot of money and just buy everything. At least you will need a full set of blue wolf robe, which is the B class armor, and then start to collect grade A armor or grade S armor. Personally I’d save money for grade S armor directly, since the price has dropped quite a lot and dragon juice is cheaper than valakas blood. If you are lucky you can get them cheaper than grade A armor.

I have spare class A mage weapon, you can wis flaming in game. Once you have extra stats topped on int, you can start turn undead on toi 33F or 53F. Cloak of mage is another necessity which increase magic dmg by 50%. Once your int reached ~65, you can start turn undead in SKT cave 1f and 2f. Sky Castle is another good place to hunt, you can sell the drop there to get some gift coin and buy some cheap stuff such like baium ring, santa hat and a s80 weapon.

One last thing, don’t miss any event, especially you are starting up :slight_smile:

hi denny, thanks for replying. sorry to ask stupid question. What do you mean by turn undead?
Is AC more important or stats in this game? I’ve noticed mobs are not doing much damage to other players at all, unless there is something special can reduce damage. but so far i can see A grade or S grade are similar apart from getting more stats.

Turn Undead is a level 3 spell which can one shot the undead mobs if you have high enough int stats. There are few mobs that you can not TU(like bosses, or mage type mobs), but TU has its effect on rest of the undead and TU mobs is usually a good resource of exp and sxp.

In this custom server another resilience attribute called Damage Reduction is taking the role AC used to play in official server. With that being said, AC is still a good attribute to invest in mid game such like tier 2. But DR will give you more obvious outcome when you are trying to hunt mobs at teir 1. If you take a look at the zaj armors in auction house, you will see the upgrade rewards has DR+1 which adds DR once item upgraded to that level.

A grade armor and S grade armor doesn’t have too much DR with them. That’s why they are only good for starting, and you should work on to get some S grade accessories(rings, earrings and necklaces), which has DR. You can ask around in game to see if anyone has a spare one. You can also wait for events which usually rewards items with DR. But you’ll need to be strong enough to hunt event mobs.