Hypothetical Question Regarding a New Game Being made

Hello Guys,

I’m in the process of putting together a business plan to develop a new game similar in nature to L1.5 but with its own unique art, story, classes, characters, etc all designed from the ground up by myself and a small team.

The game would be Multi-Platform working for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android tablets, with some features being also available on iphones and android phones as well.

I’m making this post to gather information to include in the business plan on whether or not you guys would be interested and to show as many “early adopters” as possible. This will help make the investor know there is already demand for this product which might help them in their decision process.

#Would you play a new MMORPG created by Zajako

  • No I would not play this new game.
  • Yes I would play this new game if it was free to play
  • Yes I would play this new game and gladly spend money on it
  • Yes I would play this new game and gladly spend money on premium currencies

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Additionally if you would be willing to write a testimonial regarding L1.5 and things that L1.5 does right, if possible details about the gameplay and something along the lines of why you would play a new game built by me.

Just to be clear, I have no plans for L1.5 to go anywhere, this is just to assist in trying to get funding for a new project. Which might not even happen.

i have played on this server before and have came back because this is the best one out there to play on .players are really friendly and help others out all the time . staff is really great and always make the players feel important . yes i would spend money on a new game always looking for a new adventure in gaming !!! i would support this 110 % thank you!!! keep up the great game !!!

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I have been playing this game for over 5 years now. The gamemaster has kept it fun with upgrades and most of the players are dedicated to this game because of that. I’ve tried lots of other mmorpg games but have always come back to this game by Zajako.

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zajako i have play 1.5 over 5 years and i like it i spend money here beacuse i like it here i bring brothers to play here and friends and i am gona support 1.5 tilll you decide is the end. just like many like me we all play here cus we like lineage and you made our dream come true but then again you had kept us together witch i apriciated alot, but anyways i will play the new game as other but i wont spend money like i did in 1.5. thanks for everything zaj :slight_smile: injection.

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I would play the new game because it would be ( I assume ) native to MAC OS. Lineage 1.5 no longer is, and I dislike using virtual platforms.

There would be a Mac, Linux and Windows client yes.

Also there would be a iPad and Android Tablet client additionally for the main mmorpg.

There would also be side apps that connect to the game for all mobile phone devices.

I have had my character in L1.5 since 2012 and even though I’ve left to play several other games over this time, I’ve always somehow managed to come back to this game. There’s just something so amazing to playing a game that really makes the end-game seem achievable, impossible, and nonexistent all at the same time, but it keeps me coming back for more, always. Now I would definitely love to try a new game (platform preferred - iPad tablets & android phones. This’d keep me playing since I’m mostly a mobile gamer outside of L1.5. Now if you want to absolutely guarantee that I’ll play, as well as others, CROSS PROMOTION!!! Give me rewards in your new game for reaching achievements in L1.5 and vice versa. Maybe some kind of gift box per achievement in your new game? The thing is, if you give us rewards in L1.5 for playing the new game, it’d without a doubt, gain priority over all other mobile games on my phone PLUS it’d help increase the L1.5 population with players who play your new game first. When they get far enough in it and the “Reward Heavy Early-Game” is all over, they’re going to want shortcuts…in comes cross promotion. I guarantee that if you cross promote, you’ll have at least one die-hard fan playing both games endlessly…myself :wink:

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