I heard this happened last night

I helped Kirra reaper and that includes gear and items to get there. Kirra first character that happens to be a Knight and he has no funds.
I heard people talked shit about me saying I fucked up his character.
I guess you don;t know all the facts

Take the below facts into account and tell me what you would suggest.

Your buddy started playing this server 3 months ago.
He/she chose to play a Knight.
He/she is a very casual player logging in about 3-4 times a week for short amounts of time.
They finally made their first 100 character. (Knight)
They Have No Monies, weaks, fluids
Their elixer count is Zero

What would you recommend?

I recommended to go reaper. IMO it is easier to lvl as a reaper than a knight
Use this new leveling time to accrue monies, fluids weaks.
Do not use any regular elixers yet

There is no PER MOP experience difference between a T1 Knight and T1 Reaper. All T1 EXP per mop is the same. HOWEVER, we all know that leveling as a reaper can be faster because of spells. Also CHEAPER because of less pot usasage and benefits from the 2 reaper spells that give you buffs.

As you relevel as a reaper take this time to gather money and items so that when you hit 100 again you can start to work on your stats going to 32 all.

You tell me do I know what the fuck I’m talking about? What would you say different?

BTW I can make a complete guide on the rich and poor players guide to 40 all stats but I won’t because people would get pissed.
All casual players would not sell you their Ultras off their main characters.
There is a good guide out there already.

Last note: If you ever had to use a MID or Accel you are the one that fucked your character up. That’s why Zaj even put those items in game.

Rant over
(drops mike and walks away)

I’m on teamspeak when I play if anyone ever needs help or wants to tell me i’m full of shit.

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I am a newer player myself, but to my knowledge Increasing stats beyond 25 is something that until recently with the increase in weak elixirs and fluids from events, is done later. I didnt start increasing my stats beyond 25 until T2. And the more seasoned players didn’t increase until T3 or even later.

I think having kirra move to reaper was a good move. it is easier to level as a reaper, as you stated. And the exp required stays the same.

Kirra if you plan on increasing stats to 31, I would keep an eye out for any weaks or fluids/bloods that you can, while the prices are still low.

Best of luck

I think everyone on the server has helped Kirra level lol!!! But ya I like your suggestions, however I might have told her to start a new character :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!

Reaper is better then any class besides Mage, it’s why everyone turns reaper and back when there was only t1 99% of the people were reaper besides mages.

T4 took me 31 days to level 1-100 as a Dark Elf. When I hit reaper T4 it took me 6 days to get back to 100. I was even using a 25% person event token for 1-100 Dark Elf :triumph:

I agree allison Dark Elf here is a chore. If I could do it all again I would have picked Elf or Mage as a first class.

That does say something though. It tells us that the server is definatly class imbalanced and adjustments need to be made. Any game that makes you pick one class over another is imbalanced.

Now I’m leveling one of every class to make sure I have all the facts.

I cannot speak much to the advantages or disadvantages to dark elf, however Kirra is a knight correct? End game knights with a moralltach and either a STR set or zaj set are hard to beat. Their pvp damage is off the charts, ability to fight bosses is excellent, and a lot of the more difficult hunting areas (skaro 3f 4f, underworld) are built for 1v1, not aoe (where mage excels) if Kirra is in it for the long haul, id stay knight. Just my .02

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