Icy Uprising - Easter 2021 Event

Easter is once again on the brink of ruin! Tired of the tyranny of of the Bunny King and Queen, A Ultra Cool Bunny has rose up in the background rallying any bunny that will listen to it (Being pretty cool, it wasn’t hard to get a lot of bunnies!) to take over easter! They raided the stash of Easter eggs and sent them flying all over Talking Island.

Event Details

You are tasked with the goal of hunting the the bunnies of Talking Island and getting the eggs back! They can drop different colored Easter eggs that are worth different amounts of points. These points can be turned in by expanding the event menu on the right and choosing "Turn In Items". It will then consume all Easter Egg items (for this event) and reward you with points and items you have earned by accumulating those points. Additionally it will reward you randomly with buffs according to the eggs you turned in. These Buffs stack with each other and themselves, allowing you to increase the duration. Furthermore the buffs save when you log out and will restore themselves when you log back in.

Easter Blessing Buffs

These buffs are obtained randomly when turning in easter items. They are saved when you logout and the timers stack when turning in. You can also get these buffs from using the Mystery Easter Candy (mentioned later in this post), however the candy will not increase your buff timer if over one hour, while the turn in bonus will.

Bunny Egg Blessing - Green: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Defence

Bunny Egg Blessing - Blue: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Damage

Bunny Egg Blessing - Red: This buff adds +1 Point for each Event Point item turned in

Bunny Egg Blessing - Purple: This buff adds +10 Battlegrounds PvP Base Damage

2021 Bunny Loyalty Gear

So every year, the Bunny gear is rolled out with fresher and newer versions. This year is no different! You can craft this gear using the Frintezza’s Seamstress npc located in SKT and Aden.You can craft the base bunny items using materials gained from hunting on Talking Island. These base items can then be used to craft or be upgraded to loyalty items, using Easter Loyalty Seal - 2021. You can get these seals during the event from Ives’ shop. Here are some major changes in the Loyalty Bunny items this year:

  • All loyalty gear (except the golden egg jewel) has 40 soul levels
  • Levels 31- 40 give increased amounts of PEN/RES for each item
  • Levels 31- 40 DO NOT require Limit Breaks to level up.
  • Each piece (including the golden egg) add +2 to Battlegrounds PvP BASE damage
  • All passive boosts have been increased from previous bunny items

So acquiring this set would be helpful for pvp in the battlegrounds zones, which most of this event takes place in! Here is the list of Loyalty Items added this year, click on them for more details:

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Event Items

[floatl][/floatl] Mystery Easter Candy - This candy when consumed gives you a random Bunny Egg Blessing. It will not increase the buff timer beyond the 1 hour it gives. If your buff timer for the buff it gives is less than one hour, it will become 1 hour. If it is more than one hour, it will not change it. You can use this item as many times as you would like until you get the desired bunny buff. Just try not to get an upset tummy! Ives has these in his shop for those interested!

[floatl][/floatl] Easter Loyalty Seal - 2021 - This item can be used to upgrade base bunny equipment into 2020 Loyalty bunny equipment that can be leveled up and has loads of benefits. You can get these from Ives.

[floatl][/floatl] Bunny Bag - 2021 - This bag contains a random material to craft bunny gear. It also has a chance to give a Mystery Easter Candy. These can be obtained by turning in points or directly from Ives’ shop.

[floatl][/floatl] Green Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with one point and can trigger the Green Easter Blessing Buff.

[floatl][/floatl] Blue Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with two points and can trigger the Blue Easter Blessing Buff.

[floatl][/floatl] Red Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with three points and can trigger the Red Easter Blessing Buff.

[floatl][/floatl] Purple Easter Egg - This Easter egg is dropped by the bunnies on Talking Island. It rewards you with four points and can trigger the Purple Easter Blessing Buff.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug that causes the Fafurion Scatterblaster to perform cast animations after the monster is already dead should now be fixed.

  • Updated Triple Arrow skill to show the proper animation