Inflatable woman doll not gain dxp

I have lvl 6 inflatable woman and used it awhile but it doesnt getting any doll exp

It probably does. It’s just at that level it’s hours of hunting to see it move.

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I have been using woman doll for more than a week and not even gain 0.01 doll exp.that is kot make sense

Cause the power doll leveling system isn’t very good. People do not do doll parties anymore and even then, it wasn’t all that great. Just sayin’.

Should be leveling fast right now with 10X DXP. Something must be screwy with that type of doll or your account.

Yah must be something wrong with inflatable woman doll everything else seem fine

Had level 2 inflatable women doll that I never really used. Tried it today and it work initially but stopped gaining DXP after ~0.3%. I noticed that it lag way behind and sometimes would not be on screen for a while. So I tried a few things (-self, r-tele) to if it it helped but didn’t seem to matter. I closed doll then resummoned and it gain about 0.2% but that was it. Did not gain any more DXP after that even after being resummoned a few times. So looks like doll still give int but does not gain DXP.

I would suggest a revamp of the entire DXP system. Nobody has ever actually leveled them - we used to use doll books to level them as a group. However with only a few dolls being used now, there would be no way to do the doll parties anymore. Don’t know how you would do it other than making it 10x dxp right now as base, then even multiplying off of that.