Is there by any chance a sprite-model pack lying around?

Hello there,

I found this website by accident whilst searching for some demon-related sprites to add to Baldurs Gate 2. It reuses a few assets, which I find immersion breaking, so I want to create a mod that adds a few demon models, and I really love the ones this game has. Hence I am wondering if there’s by any chance a sprite pack I can play around with?

From what I understand there are a lot of custom sprites here, and I think most of the ones I want are custom ones - like whip girl, spiderwoman-demon, burning-hands devil, winged succubuses etc. I also tried looking at the client but it’s mostly unity .asset files, which I’m not used to sadly.

Appreciate all the answers

Hello, the sprites this game uses are a proprietary binary format sadly, converting them to something for Boulder’s gate would be a nightmare.


Hello, then is it possible to contact the owner of these sprites and purchase sprite sheets then? I’m only after 6 of them, I don’t care about the rest.

Alternatively, can you do the 7 other isometric angle-directions you have of your gifs? That would be enough for me recreate a sprite-sheet which I can then import in BG2. Essentially take a look at this gif:
That’s one angle. In esometric games, you recquire 8 in total, pointing to north, south, west, east, n-e, n-w, s-e and s-w. Since you’re the owner of this server and have admin rights, it would be a piece of cake to for exampel swap your character into models and just record the gifs. I can then use the rest to recreate sprite-sheet which I can then import to my game.

Again, I’m willing to pay for the effort, and it’s not something impossible for you to do since you have admin rights. If you’re interested, please either answer here, or contact me on the email attached to this account.

Reach out to me via private message on discord, I’ll see what I can do to help you.

I’m Zajako on our Discord server.