Issue with Crafting Arch Wizard Gear

I think you might have made a mistake with the crafting mats for the Arch Wizard set. I compared it with the other sets and it is insanely much more difficult to craft the wiz set items than the other sets. It is mainly because of two of the non-gem mats, ivory cloth and ivory thread. First, the ivory thread is also a mat for the ivory cloth so the mats needed for ivory thread are multiplied by the amount needed for ivory cloth. For example, you need 100 ivory cloth to make wiz armor which requires 10 ivory threads per cloth or 1000 ivory threads just to make the ivory cloth. But you also need 125 ivory thread so all mats needed for ivory thread are increased almost 10 times to make the 1125 total ivory threads to make the wiz armor. Another issue is that ivory threads use another main ingredient, stable ivory metal, as a one of its materials. That adds another 1125 stable ivory metals that you need to make a wiz robe. I think ivory thread should be a main ingredient and something else should fill that slot that is a drop rather than crafting item (as with the other sets). Please take a look at this.

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