Issue with Easter hunt causes character to no longer function

I did the easter egg hunt this morning and when I got part way through all the npc’s and pc’s disappeared. my character is now stuck in the lower left corner of -shop area. I tried running recover and re-started many times as well as restarting my pc. I tried again with another character and it now has same problem. when you switch to one of these characters you can not do anything and must force quit game to switch back to other character. I can still play fine on my characters that have not done easter hunt today and the easter hunt worked last night. Not sure what to do, they are alt characters that I don’t really care about except that I can no longer get any of my items stored on them. I also tried -self many times but character with this problem will not respond to anything.

I had the similar issue and resolved by following steps:

Under game folder there are couple files named with your character’s name. If you are able to see the file extension they are .loc. Delete the file with character’s name that is stuck in game, then restart lineage.

Thanks for the tips. Zaj restarted the server and it fixed it for me.